Design: Hannah Chua

10 Comfy-Chic Wrap Dresses & Tops That Make Getting Dressed Effortless

No matter how much planning goes into making your morning stress-free, from crack-of-dawn alarms to prepping meals the night before, you could always use just a little more time. This is particularly true when it comes to getting dressed for a work-from-home day (probably because it tends to happen last, right after making sure the kids eat, dress, and are ready to go by the time class starts).

After all this, finding a look for yourself that you genuinely love can feel nearly impossible (never-mind it being stain-free, too). If you're craving a stylish ensemble, we've got just the thing — actually, we have ten of them! Enter: The classic wrap design. Whether yours comes in the form of a timeless summer dress or elegant work-from-home blouse, there's no denying the wrap's versatility and total ease.

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