10 Cute Babies Who Are Trying To Deal With Snow For The First Time

When you're a kid, the whole idea of freezing cold snow is super appealing and not at all stress inducing, as far as venturing out or actually driving in it goes. They've got this idea that tons of inches of snow on the ground equals hours of numb-toed fun. And if we're being totally honest here, they aren't totally wrong — there are a lot of fun things you can do when it snows. Sledding does have its perks and I can participate in a snowball fight with the best of them (or, you know, with the most mediocre of them). But nothing beats being all toasty and ensconced in your warm, dry home with a mug of spiked hot cocoa and some Netflix to keep you company. Although, try telling that to the tons of kids who are suddenly all about going outside once it's freezing outside when the summer saw them fighting for the right to reach hermit status in front of the TV.

There are few things as adorable as babies and toddlers trying to deal with the snow for the first time. Never mind the undeniable cold that comes along with snow's uncanny ability to seep past even the thickest gloves or mittens. And babies really don't seem to care that they are most definitely going to need to be bundled up to the point of A Christmas Story levels if they want to go outside and literally get lost in the fluffy white stuff. There is no shortage of babies trying (and yes, often failing) to deal with snow for the first time and we've got the best of the best to laugh at.


This Baby, Who Doesn't Even Know What To Do With A Patch Of It

See also: Adults trying to get home from a night of drinking.


And This One, Who Just Wants A Taste

I can totally see this poor kid swearing off snow for awhile. Or, you know, at least until the memory fades from their baby mind. So, tomorrow.


Or This Baby, Who Just Wants To Waddle Along

This kid has the right idea if you ask me. Who knows what sort of ice lies beneath that fluffy top layer? And I love how this baby is just studying the stuff, like an alien who has never seen snow. Which, in a way, the baby totally is, since up until now, their only exposure to snow was probably quick dashes from the house to the car and back again.


This One, Who Doesn't Really Know What To Do

This baby just needs to pause here on her hands and knees while she gathers my bearings. Don't rush her, dog! Because if you've never really dealt with snow before, how could you not need a minute to figure out what the eff is going on?


Then There's This Girl, Who Was Apparently Always Meant To Live In The Snow

I don't know if I really condone this, per se, since I am pretty much anti-snow all around. But if I had to choose my baby acting like a fool and whining over the snow or this girl, who is already having a blast her first time in the snow, I'll take this kid please.


This Girl, Who Is Pretty Much Ready For The Slopes

Plus, major cool points for pulling off those snow goggles before even getting walking down. I know she probably can't appreciate the fact that she's being a hella good sport posing for the picture in the snow, but I just love her.


Also This Kid, Who's Just Chillin'

Because super red and rosy cheeks and a matching nose just don't phase this cool (yes, literally) kid. It could be all of those layers giving him several extra inches of armor against the elements, but he definitely makes laying in the snow look comfortable and — am I really saying this? — fun.


And This Baby, Who Somehow Already Knows That Eating Snowflakes Is Totally Acceptable

At first, I'm just like, "Wow, this baby is chill as hell." And then I was like, "Look at that little tongue poking out!" And then I was just impressed. I guess it's a natural reaction to stick out your tongue and catch snowflakes? Yeah, adorable, I'm dead, bye.


This Boy, Who Is Just Totally Enchanted

If this kid's giggle of sheer happiness doesn't get you right in the feels, then you're just made of stone. Seriously though, pair that insanely adorable laugh with the fact that he's just so amazed by the falling snow, and you've given me the best reason I've ever heard to ever have another kid.


And Then These Twins, Who Are Just Like, "Meh."

And I can't totally blame them. Snow is alright, in super small doses. And even then, it's more like something awesome to look at, not go out in for long periods of time or have to get layered up for. These kids definitely have the right idea when it comes to dealing with snow and just, you know, getting through with it.

Images: Scott Sherrill-Mix/Flickr; Dave Herholz/Flickr; Giphy(4); Stephen Anthony/Flickr