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10 Cute Mommy & Me Costumes Because You Two Are The Ultimate Pairing

by Mishal Ali Zafar

Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean the fun has to end, especially on the holidays. While most holidays require more work than others, Halloween is one of those special occasions when you get to enjoy the rewards almost immediately (it’s all about that candy). Baby too small to actually trick-or-treat? That's OK. All you need is some cool mommy and me Halloween costumes to properly celebrate with your little one. Chances are, your baby is going to fall asleep two houses in, but if you still want some candy (mama don't play with those fun-sized Butterfingers), you'll need your matching accessory. After all, babies in costumes? Cute. Babies matching their mommies in costumes? Really cute.

Aside from getting the maximum oohs and awwws you can, a mommy and me Halloween costume will make for adorable, memorable photographs, too. You can also use them to embarrass your little cupcake when they're 15 and officially over trick-or-treating.

So to get you going on your tandem trick-or-treating way, here are 10 cool mommy and me Halloween costumes that are sure to turn heads and prompt major smiles. Some of the costumes are easily available online and in stores, making them perfect, easy, last-minute options. And if you're in a creative mood, you can put together some of these ideas on your own with a little help from your closet.


Barista & Latte

You can turn your love for lattes into a costume this Halloween by dressing as a barista with your little latte.

All you need is a Starbuck’s inspired green apron ($9, Amazon), which you can throw on over a black shirt ($18, JCPenney) and black pants ($25, JCPenney).

For your little one, you can get a baby cappuccino costume ($20 to $25, Amazon), or pair together a boy’s tan shirt ($20, Bon-Ton) and boy’s tan pants ($8, Children’s Place), or a girl’s tan dress ($15, Target) with a printed Starbucks logo you can pin on the front. To mimic the foamy top, you can use white tulle to make ruffles around the neck, and on top of the head, fixed to a cap or headband. Just stick a green straw on top, and you're good to go.


Cruella & Her Dalmatian

You’re already smoking hot, but if you have a tiny streak of scary, you can be Cruella de Vil this Halloween and bring your little Dalmatian to the party.

You can get a Cruella de Vil costume ($36, Oriental Trading Company) or wear a black dress ($26, Kohl’s) with a white scarf ($10, Amazon), red gloves ($9, Amazon) and your favorite red lipstick.

For your little Dalmatian, you can get a Dalmatian costume ($21, Target), or get a white shirt ($5, Amazon) and white pant ($9, Amazon), and use a black sharpie to draw dots all over. You can use black eyeliner to draw a little button nose, and even grab this adorable Dalmatian ear and tail set ($8, Amazon).


Baker & Her Cupcake

For a mom, no one is sweeter than your baby so what better costume than a baker and her sweet creation, a cupcake?

For your costume, all you need is a cute apron ($9, Amazon) and a baker’s hat ($6, Amazon) which you can throw on over any outfit. To complete the recipe, you can carry a rolling pin and dust a little flour on your nose.

For your little one, you can get this kid’s cupcake costume ($26, Walmart) or baby cupcake costume ($17, Walmart). To do it yourself, you can check out this great DIY cupcake costume for kids from Woman's Day.


Little Bo Peep & Her Sheep

An adorable costume for you and your kid includes dressing up as Little Bo Peep and her cute little sheep. Just remember to keep an eye out so you know where to find them. (Probably near the candy).

For your look, you'll need a Little Bo Peep Costume ($52, Amazon) or you can wear a pink dress ($23, Target) with a shepherd’s stick ($10, Amazon) and white bonnet ($10, Amazon).

For your little sheep, you can get a kid’s sheep costume ($38, Amazon) or combine a beige footie ($26, Nordstrom) with this cute ear and tail set ($13, Amazon).


Mommy In The Yellow Hat & Curious George

Who says there needs to be a man under the yellow hat? This Halloween, you can channel the beloved characters from Curious George, and become the mommy in the yellow hat with her curious little monkey next to her.

For yourself, you can grab a Man in the Yellow Hat costume ($28, Walmart) or you can pull together a yellow dress ($30, Amazon), yellow hat ($7, Amazon), black belt ($10, Amazon), and black boots ($40, Amazon).

For your little monkey, you can get a kid’s Curious George costume ($22, Spirit Halloween), or a baby monkey costume ($33, Target). To do it yourself, you could pair a brown shirt ($8, Amazon) with brown pants ($12, Amazon), and add an adorable monkey ear and tail set ($10, Amazon).


Batman & Robin

If you and your baby are in the mood to save the world this Halloween, then look no further than Batman and Robin. Depending on the dynamics of your duo, you can determine who the sidekick is. There are a ton of variations, from DIY, to boy’s and girl’s, but whichever way you choose, these costumes will be super fun.

For no-brainer costumes you can pick up a women’s Batgirl costume ($50, Spirit Halloween) or a women’s Robin costume ($33, Target), a boy’s Batman costume ($26, Target) or boy’s Robin costume ($27, Target), a girl’s Batgirl costume ($24, Walmart) or girl’s Robin costume ($35, Spirit Halloween), and a baby batman coverall costume ($18, Amazon) or baby Robin costume ($20, Party City).

If you’re a DIY mom, you can pair a Batman shirt ($21, Amazon) with a black tutu ($10, Amazon), or a Robin shirt ($20, Amazon) with a green tutu ($10, Amazon) for yourself.

For boys you can get a boy’s Batman shirt ($10, Amazon) and pair it with black pants ($12, Old Navy), or a boy’s Robin t-shirt ($20, Amazon) with a pair of green pants ($15, Gap).

For your little girl, you can get a Batgirl T-shirt ($15, Amazon) and pair it with a girl’s black tutu ($7, Amazon), or pull together a girl’s Robin T-shirt ($12, Amazon) with a girl’s green tutu ($7, Amazon). For your baby, you can grab a Batman onesie ($23, Amazon) or a Robin onesie ($18, Super Hero Stuff) To finish off the costume, you can get this adorable Batman and Robin cape and mask set ($17, Amazon).


Little Red Riding Hood & The Big Bad Wolf

A classic, yet adorable idea for a mommy and me costume is Little Red RIding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf. Just make sure to stock your basket with lots of candy on your way to Grandma’s house, so you can keep your little wolf happy for the trip.

You can pick up a Little Red Riding costume ($50, Party City), baby wolf costume ($30, Party City) or kid’s wolf costume ($45, Halloween Costumes). For a DIY version, you can wear a black dress ($25, H&M) with a red hoodie ($20, Amazon), black boots ($35, Amazon) and carry a gingham basket ($17, Amazon).

For the little wolf, you can get a gray boy’s shirt ($6, Old Navy) and gray boy’s pant ($15, Old Navy), or gray girl’s shirt ($10, Old Navy) and gray girl’s pant ($9, Old Navy), and add this adorable wolf ear and tail set ($6, Amazon).


Wilma & Pebbles Or Betty & Bam Bam

You can go back to the stone age this Halloween and revisit your favorite childhood cartoon, The Flintstones. You can pair off as either Betty or Wilma, with your little Pebbles or Bam Bam in tow.

For the Flinstones, you can get a Wilma Flintstone costume ($25 to $30, Halloween Costumes) and a Pebbles Flintstone costume ($32, Halloween Costumes).

For the Rubbles, you can grab a Betty Rubble costume ($22, Oriental Trading Company) and a Bam Bam Rubble costume ($26, Oriental Trading Company). You can even get this plush Dino ($35, Amazon) to take the costume up a notch.


Cookie Monster & Cookie

Did someone say cookie? There’s no one sweeter than your own little one, so dressing up as Cookie Monster this Halloween is a perfect costume idea. As hard is at might be, just try not to take a bite out of your adorable cookie.

All you need is a women’s Cookie Monster costume ($50, Party City), or you can pair a Cookie Monster T-shirt ($16, Amazon) with a blue tutu ($7, Amazon).

For your little cookie, you can get a kid’s cookie costume ($17, Walmart) or a baby cookie costume ($25, Amazon).


Popcorn Vendor & Popcorn

One of the cutest mommy and me costumes this year is a concession stand popcorn vendor and a box of popcorn. It’s adorable for babies and older kids, and super easy to put together.

You can wear a white collared shirt ($22, Old Navy) with black pants ($19, Old Navy), a red bowtie ($8, Amazon) and a red apron ($9, Amazon).

For your little kernel, you can get a kid’s Popcorn Costume ($24, H&M), a baby popcorn bunting ($20, Spirit Halloween), or make your own baby popcorn sling like the one from This Place Is Now a Home.

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