These Instagram Stories Filter Halloween Costumes Are Literally Instagram-Worthy

by Olivia Youngs

Social media already consumes most of our lives, why not let it be the centerpiece of your Halloween? Instagram recently rolled out their face filter feature as part of their stories and, though the concept is similar to Snapchat's famous filters, Instagram has several that are completely unique to the platform and would just happen to make the perfect (and super effortless) costumes. If you have a bit of a wild streak, deciding to create a DIY Instagram filter Halloween costume is actually way less complicated than it may seem.

The filters are all essentially simplified versions of things you would normally dress up as for Halloween, like a nerd, a cat, and of course, the infamous puppy filter. But to sweeten the deal, you really only need to focus on your face for the costume.

For the rest of your body, you can dress in all black, or really, wear whatever you want to wear. If you want to up the ante even more, you can create a DIY Instagram frame, like this one from Thirty Handmade Days, to wear with your filter (i.e. face) inside it.

Regardless of which filter you decide on, chances are, you'll stand out from the crowd since, you know, Instagram's filters are totally different than Snapchat's.


Sleep Mask Filter

For the perpetually tired, the sleep mask filter is perfect. All you need is a blue sleep mask ($2, Dream Essentials) embellished with felt or a sharpie to mimic Instagram's version. From there, you can make the floating clouds, moon, and stars with a large embroidery hoop ($2, Michael's), some card stock paper, clear fishing string, and a small stick to hold it up above your head.

Switch back and forth between day and night when your mask is on or off.


Nerd Filter

Yet another lazy version, the Instagram twist on a classic nerd costume requires only a pair of black glasses ($9, Sunglass Warehouse) with tape around the middle. To create inner-genius monologue, use a small chalkboard attached to a paint stick and write a few equations that only the most genius of nerds could solve.


Cat Filter

Courtesy of Olivia Youngs

One of the easier filters to recreate, the cat filter is perfect for anyone looking for a cute, simple, slightly sexy costume for their face. Either buy a pair of grey cat ears ($2, Ebay) and a matching cat nose with whiskers ($5, Amazon) to stick to your face, or DIY the entire look with the genius of make up tutorials as your guide.

Use this tutorial from Youtuber Creative Kelly to make cat ear clips using cat ears ($2, Ebay), a hot glue gun ($7, Amazon), and barrettes ($4, Walmart).

From there, use this makeup tutorial from Sccastaneda on Youtube to make your cat nose and filter-worthy cat eye.


Greek Goddess Crown Filter

Aside from the overall glow and sparkle, the Greek goddess filter is simple to recreate as well. It's basically the lazy version of a Greek goddess costume, minus the actual costume part. All you need is the golden wreath ($20, Urban Outfitters), which you can buy or, of course, DIY.

To make your own version of a laurel wreath, follow this tutorial from Little Den, using store bought leaves ($7, Amazon), a cloth headband ($4, Suddora), and gold spray paint ($3, Walmart).

Once you've made your crown, you can move on to your makeup using a glowing bronze goddess makeup tutorial from Teni Panosian.


Flower Crown Filter

This filter, very (very) different from Snapchat's flower crown, mind you, is easy to recreate with a simple material swap. Use this tutorial from Instructables to create a flower crown, but instead of fake flowers, use sheer fabric ($5, Fabric) cut into petal shapes. You don't even need to wear makeup, since Instagram's filters lack the auto-retouched look of Snapchat's.

For makeup, you can do a glow-y makeup look, similar to the Greek goddess tutorial but less intense, since the filter doesn't retouch much at all. To really finish off this look, stick a few iridescent sequins in your hair and on your upper body.


Heart Eyes Filter

You know those cheap plastic arrows your kids love shooting each other with? Now you have a creative use for them. All you need for this love struck filter is a set of small suction cup arrows ($5, Tiny Toy Arcade) and a pair of heart eye glasses ($4, New Chic) (not pictured because Instagram is a sneaky devil and doesn't display both at once). Add a copious amount of blush and you're all set.

Some people will (wrongly) assume that you're just boring old cupid, but don't worry, I know the truth.


Star Filter

This simple but fun filter is especially easy to achieve. Start out with a basic smokey eye for your eyes. From there, you can use star body art stickers ($4, Etsy) placed across your nose, cheeks, and onto your forehead to get the full filter affect.


Weather Filter

If your mood is dictated by the weather, this filter costume is perfect for you. Instagram has three separate weather types: sunny (and happy), cloudy (and sad), and stormy (and angry, duh). To make each grab a poster board ($4, Walmart) cut into cloud and sun shapes, some paint, and three paint sticks. It's basically like having three costumes in one.


Koala Bear Filter

Simpler still than the cat filter, the koala bear filter requires only fuzzy bear ears ($15) and a black nose with your favorite stick of eyeliner.


Black Swan Filter

This filter is very reminiscent of Black Swan, but without any of the ballerina gear. You only have to focus on your face, which of course, turns the costume from Natalie Portman from Black Swan into an Instagram filter. To start, you'll need a black tiara ($7, Party City) and some purple feathers ($10, Party City) (a feather boa would work perfectly). Attach a few of the feathers to your tiara and drape the rest of the boa around your shoulders.

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