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10 Dog Names Based On Flowers, Because One Might Be A Sweet Fit For Your Pup

Ask any of my friends and family and they will tell you it comes as no surprise that I turned to books when naming each of our four adopted cats. I know. Yes, four. Our sweet and studious Emerson is named after literature's Ralph Waldo and our fiery orange, long-haired Madeline was given her name as a nod to the brave and outgoing main character in Ludwig Bemelmans' children's books. But finding a name that best suits your furry family member can be tough, which is why I kind of love this list of dog names based on flowers.

This list is especially sweet because if your pooch joined your home just as the spring flowers were beginning to bloom, then it's fun to pay homage to the season in which they first discovered their family. After all, how fitting is Daisy for your fun-loving furball or Tulip for the dog who made you feel like you had found a forever friend?

Take a peek at the list below and see if you have a Thistle, Primrose, Bluebell, or Fleur on your hands. You might be surprised to find out that your favorite bloom is a perfect fit for your equally beloved canine.



Cheery yellow buttercups are said to symbolize neatness, humility, and childishness. But there's a reason The Foundations once sang, "Why do you build me up buttercup, baby, just to let me down?" The flower is also known to represent unfaithful behavior, according to Gardenerdy. So, if your pooch is a bit of a flirt, then this moniker might be a good pick.



Throughout Celtic regions, thistle is said to represent bravery, devotion, durability, strength, and determination, according to Building Beautiful Souls. So if your dog seems to have a tough exterior (but devoted heart), then you could have a Thistle on your hands.



According to Celtic legend, the daisy symbolizes innocence and purity. Which, in my opinion, would be a great description of all dogs because they really do know how to keep their humans young.



While you might choose this name because of your affection for champagne and orange juice, the yellow mimosa flower is "tied to 'sensibility' and is often connected to philosophers or problem solvers," according to Consider choosing this name if your pooch helps keep you grounded.



The most popular meaning for a gorgeous bluebell flower is "humility or sometimes gratitude," according to But the website noted it has also been linked to "everlasting love and constancy" which is kind of how you feel about your pup, right?



If you have a totally chill pup on your hands, then you may want to opt for a name like Lavender. The sweet purple flower is known for its calming abilities.



If your pooch is the delicate hue of the pale yellow primrose or simply seems young at heart (the flower represents youth), then you may want to consider this name. The primrose is also said to represent a woman, so if you have a puppy goddess on your hands, then this could be the name for her.



If your fluffy friend feels akin to a soulmate, then Tulip might be just the right fit for them. According to Language of Flowers, the tulip flower is known as a "declaration of love."



Fleur actually means "flower" in French, so if your furry family member is particularly delicate, then this name might be a solid choice.



You might fancy the dandelion as a common weed that plagues your lawn, but the yellow flower represents "happiness, simple joys, good companions, and the presence of our inner child who often forgets to play." So, if your pup is young at heart, then a name like Dandelion might be a good fit. And, really, what dog doesn't bring out your playful side, right?