10 Dreamy Nurseries That'll Give You Serious Baby Room Envy

Preparing for your baby should be one of the happiest times in your life, especially when it comes to designing your little one’s nursery. It doesn’t matter if the space is roughly the size of a broom closet or if you have several hundred square feet to work with, there are few things more fun than nesting in your baby’s nursery. Chances are, you’ve been using your Pinterest board as baby nursery inspiration, but are eager to incorporate your own ideas, too.

Do you have a theme in mind? Maybe you’re going for something that both you and your partner love. Books, movies, and hobbies are always great inspirations for a nursery, but so is focusing on a solid piece of furniture or a great print to hang on your babe’s wall. Inspiration may hit you while you’re strolling through the farmer’s market (flower-themed nursery, anyone?) or when you’re watching your favorite film. Blending these ideas into a baby-appropriate space and bringing your idea to life is the best way to spend the next nine months. To help you feel inspired and ready to tackle that nursery, here are 10 dreamy baby rooms guaranteed to make you open that Etsy app and send your partner to Home Depot for paint.


Do The Polka

Is there anything sweeter than a wall of polka dots? This sweet nursery from Raising Miss Matilda incorporates a playful pattern and splashes of color to create a room that grows with your child. Gold dot decals mean you can play with fabrics and textures throughout the room for a fresh, fun, and sweet nursery.


A Magical Woodland

Delia Hauser’s animal-themed nursery is perfect for a boy or a girl. A great bear rug, brightly colored books, and stuffed animals are the perfect combination for a fun, woodland-themed nursery.


Treasure Trove

If you’re a collector of fun antiques and kitschy items, incorporating them into your babe’s nursery is a breeze. Laura of Lark Photography created a gorgeous room for her daughter by turning fun pieces, like that yellow scale and those wire baskets, into functional decor by having them hold baby supplies.


Wide Open Space

With white walls, an open floor, and lots of natural light, this open-spaced nursery from A Beautiful Mess is airy and spacious for your sweet babe. Pops of color from a rug, furniture, and the spines of books give it a fun vibe, too.


Be Bold

Whether your baby is shacking up with an older sibling or inhabiting a nursery all to themselves, you can’t go wrong with a bold wall! This brightly colored space from No. 2 Pencil has a perfect gallery wall featuring some kid-friendly prints, as well as big, bright stripes to make the room vibrant. It looks like the perfect space for a spunky little peanut.


Modern Vintage

Incorporating a vintage look in your nursery doesn’t have to mean finding lace doilies and antique typewriters. Instead, focus on solid, wooden toys for decoration, vintage fabrics, and mix in some modern pieces, like that deco style crib. This vintage nursery from My Poppet makes the retro style look effortless.


Warm & Full Of Love

This darling nursery is inviting, warm, and full of family history. Designed by Kaylea Nixon, she added touches of her father with a desk that once belonged to him taking residence in her baby boy’s room. And those lights! This room proves that nurseries don’t have to be full of pastels and baby animals to make a sweet statement.


White On White

If you’re looking for a way to combine a cozy feel with an airy, open vibe, then this all white nursery from Julie Blanner is perfect. With sweet floral touches in the artwork and white linens, the room is delicate and sweet, but not overdone.


Black And White

Pulling off a black and white room doesn’t mean your baby has to be devoid of anything stimulating as A Lot About Little Things proves with this sweet nursery. Mixing fun patterns, but going neutral with the color, can create a perfectly fun and happy bedroom fit for your little one.


Crib Centerpiece

There are a lot of things that work for a focal point in a baby’s room, but is there anything more charming than a gorgeous crib as the centerpiece? Another nursery from Julie Blanner, this room uses its gorgeous wood furniture as decor, giving it an heirloom look that can’t be beat.

Images: Courtesy of Lark Photography Raising Miss Matilda; Delia Hauser; Lark Photography ; A Beautiful Mess; No. 2 Pencil; My Poppet; Julie Blanner; Julie Blanner; kaynixon, nynneetilloujos/Instagram;