Dwayne Johnson is all about his blended family.
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10 Aww-Worthy Times Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Showcased His Deep Love For Family

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is one of those celebrities who is pretty much universally adored. Not just because he's fun to watch and pretty easy on the eyes either. There's something about his attitude about life in general that is just truly lovely. Especially when it comes to his family. In fact, there are several Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson quotes about his family that will melt your heart, because he's all about making the people he loves a priority. And he's not too cool to shout it from the rooftops or Instagram or wherever.

In August, the former WWE wrestler married his longtime girlfriend Lauren Hashian. The couple already had two daughters together, 3-year-old Jasmine and 1-year-old Tiana, as well as Johnson's 18-year-old daughter Simone from his previous marriage to Dany Garcia. While Johnson admitted in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal Magazine that he was "hesitant" about getting married again, he also shared that Hashian made things pretty easy for him. "My divorce did a number on me," he told the magazine. "I wasn’t fearful of getting married again, there was just some hesitancy. But Lauren was incredibly patient: ‘I love you, you love me, we have this amazing life together — no presh.'"

A leisurely scroll through Johnson's social media feed is proof enough of this "amazing life together."

Love At First Sight

Johnson first met Hashian, a singer and music producer, not long after his 2008 divorce. But the first time he saw her, as he told Wall Street Journal, "I thought, 'Wow, this girl is stunning.'"

Despite the difficult timing, the couple made it work. "At the time, I was going through my breakup with Dany and [Hashian] was just coming off a big breakup, too," he shared with the Wall Street Journal. "Ironically, when you’re not looking for something, the power of the universe kind of takes over."

Staying Invested In His Kids


After his first marriage ended in 2008, Johnson shared custody of the couple's daughter Simone. The pair also remained business partners and clearly kept Simone as a serious priority in their lives, and he wrote about his deep love for his daughter in an 18th birthday post to her in August.

"As you go out and tackle this big ol’ world with your dreams, ambitions and hard work, the love you’re able to see daily will always guide you. It’s your strength," he wrote on Instagram. "But remember it’s ALSO the love you never see thats quietly guiding and boundlessly supporting you every step of your journey’s way. From us loved ones who are still here, to your loved ones who aren’t. That love is your MANA. Your spirit, your soul."

Always Have Your Back

In April, the Fast & Furious star shared a sweet birthday post for his 1-year-old daughter Tiana and a reminder: "Happy 1st Birthday to our strong lil’ beauty, Tiana Gia. Get used to daddy’s hands kid ~ they’ll always have your back."

No Distance Too Far

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Johnson would never let a little thing like sleep or distance keep him from celebrating Valentine's Day with his family. As he wrote in a February post on Instagram: "Flew from LA to Miami so I could spend an awesome afternoon and lovely dinner with my #1 Valentine @simonegjohnson. Little sleep but so well worth our invaluable and fun father/daughter time."

Priorities In Tact

Back in October 2018, Johnson proved there are some things more important than his huge career; getting his nails painted by daughter Jasmine, for example. He shared their conversation in an Instagram post:

"Me: Come here baby, give daddy a kiss I gotta go to work.

Jazzy: But daddy you need your nails painted.

Me: Sorry baby, daddy’s gotta go to work

Jazzy: No daddy you really need your nails painted - as she looks up at me with her mama’s gorgeous blue eyes.

Me: Yes, you’re absolutely right - daddy needs his nails painted."

Feeding His Family

In June 2018, Johnson shared an Instagram post that should be an instructional video for anyone who wants to support a breastfeeding mom: He fed his wife while she fed their baby.

"Mama @laurenhashianofficial has her hands full nursing/feeding Baby Tia, so I’m feedin’ mama her dinner," he wrote on Instagram. "My pleasure. So much respect to her and all mamas out there holding it down and running things. Just landed and good to get all my girl’s settled in."

Credit Where Credit Is Due

This proud dad is perfectly aware that he is able to be the best parent he can be thanks in part to his partner. In a sweet 2018 Mother's Day post to wife, he praised her as a great mom:

Lauren does it all with a big genuine smile and is truly, the kindest and sweetest soul you’ll ever meet. People tell me all time after they spend time with her, "Lauren’s the nicest person I have ever met." I always say, "Yes she is and being nice runs in our family… and so does kicking a**, so don’t ever get on her bad side" Lol.

Celebrating Originality

When Johnson and Hashian got married in August, their daughter Jasmine was their flower girl. And her proud dad couldn't help but enthuse on Instagram about how seriously she took her duties.

"Wedding day flower girl is a big responsibility and one that Jazzy took very serious," he wrote. "In the few minutes before the ceremony we took to practice, I quickly realized she was determined to not gently lay the flowers, but rather intensely throw the flowers with ruthless aggression ~ and a wicked smile."

Back To His Roots

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Dwayne Johnson would not be the dedicated family man he is today without his own mom, Ata Johnson. In fact, one of the greatest motivators for him to succeed was, as he told HuffPost in 2008, to "make something of myself so I could provide my mom with a better life." Obviously he did just that.

Letting Go

Johnson's daughter Simone graduated high school in June. As we all know, this can be tough for parents. But instead of lamenting the fact that his daughter is no longer a little girl, The Rock took to Instagram to share his hopes for her future:

And then your babies graduate. Very proud of my first daughter daughter graduating high school, kickin’ a** and is now NYU bound. I love you and one day you’ll stop pulling away from my beastly arms & kisses.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has made being dedicated to his family the coolest thing about him. And since he's a pretty cool guy, that's really saying something.