10 Easy Mother's Day Crafts For Toddlers That You'll Want To Save Forever

by Jacqueline Burt Cote

Little kids love making things for their friends and family members, and mom is usually at the very top of the list when it comes to deserving recipients of their creations. That's why so many Mother's Day gifts are of the handmade variety. From placemats to pot holders and so much more, kid pour their hearts into these projects (not to mention a lot of glue). Even super young ones can get in on the DIY gifting action, especially if the gift doesn't have to be particularly functional. But what are some easy Mother's Day crafts for toddlers to make? Turns out, you have options.

Whether their motor skills are still in the finger painting phase or they've progressed to bead-stringing (and maybe even safety scissors), the crafts on this list are simple enough for most toddlers to make without dissolving into a puddle of frustration and tears. Naturally, they'll need a little help from a pair of more experienced hands, but considering toddlers still need help putting their socks on, that's to be expected. The best part about these activities is that you probably have a lot of the necessary supplies already, and any extra items that might need to be purchased are inexpensive and easy to find at any craft store.

And of course, these crafts double as sweet keepsakes that will stay with you for many a Mother's Day to come. (In a closet somewhere, but still.)


Butterfly & Bumblebee Footprint Towels

Not only are these cheerful Butterfly & Bumblebee Footprint Towels from Creative Green Living something mom can actually use, but making them is a blast for little ones (who are generally discouraged from stepping in paint under ordinary circumstances).


Spring Flowers

These adorable DIY Spring Flowers from Handmade Charlotte look much more complicated than they really are. Pretty much all you need is crepe paper, Play-Doh, straws, and dried chickpeas (or any dried beans you have on hand).


Decoupage Soap

Yet another use for magical Mod Podge, this Decoupage Soap from Mod Podge Rocks will make a charming addition to any guest bathroom soap dish.


Paper Cup Flower Heads

These clever Paper Cup Flower Heads from Pink Stripey Socks are way more fun than just giving mom a potted plant, and all you need (besides the plant) are paper cups and markers.


Clay Portrait Pendant Necklaces

Sure, pricey lockets are nice, but these Clay Portrait Pendant Necklaces from Pink Stripey Socks are even more meaningful.


Dandelion Painting

A printer, finger paint, and a couple of small thumbs are all you need to make this Dandelion Painting from Little Passports. If you want to be extra fancy, frame the finished result.


Dyed Carnations

Trade the traditional Mother's Day bouquet of mixed blooms for these Dyed Carnations from Little Passports — and you'll also be sneaking a science lesson into arts and crafts time.


Beaded Necklace

Beads and string make the best bling, like these Beaded Necklaces from A Beautiful Mess. Let the kids pick out the colors and styles of beads they think mom will like best, but make sure the openings for string aren't too tiny (or there will be a meltdown).


Fairy Rocks

Moms with a green thumb will definitely appreciate these fairy rocks for the garden from Creative Green Living, and kids can get as creative with their designs as they want (a little sparkle is always nice).


Love Bugs

Moms will love these Love Bugs from Creative Green Living because they came from her very own little love bug. Kids will love them because googly eyes, duh.

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