10 Father's Day Memes For Your Husband That Are Just Too Accurate

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Father's Day is practically here, which means it's a day to shower the father of your children with love, let them be bombarded by power tool commercials on TV, and find the perfect Father's Day memes for your husband. I mean, nothing says "Happy Father's Day!" like a meme that makes fun of your husband's parenting techniques or reminds them that they're literally the worst at asking for directions.

OK, to be fair, a lot of these memes are stereotypes about dads, but let's be honest — sometimes they just make sense. Specifically any meme that talks about a dad's poop habits seems to resonate with every wife in the entire world. I once mentioned it in passing to my sister-in-law, and the way she jumped up and yelled, "GIRL, LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT YOUR BROTHER" made me realize that this is a well known issue. It's not just my husband who takes 35-minute bathroom breaks with his phone — it's every man and every dad. (And if one more dude tells me that's his "alone time," I'll scream. Because hi, I have to poop with a cat and a 3-year-old pestering me the entire time about how I'm going to wipe, if I'm almost done, and when can I fix them both something to eat already.)


Literally Too Accurate

Do you know how many times my child has left a room her father is in to find me and ask me to fix her a drink? I literally can't even estimate how many. The fact that my husband doesn't even notice that she's left the room to find me is a whole different situation.


I Mean, Honestly

I can't even with this one. My husband comes home from work, I'm dying to see him and have my tag team partner again to handle the witching hour of parenting, and he announces he'll "be right back," he "just has to go to the bathroom." If he heads upstairs to our bathroom with his phone, I know that means I'll see him in about 30 minutes. If I'm lucky.


Real Advice Here

Ryan Reynolds just gets it. Luckily, my husband is a spectacular dad (despite the long bathroom sessions) and I know I can count on him to do a lot of the "dirty work" when I give birth to our second child this fall.


Stubborn Is An Illness

My husband is like the king of navigation (and predicting the weather), but a dad's stubbornness knows literally no bounds.


OK, Tears Are Here

Man, if this ain't the hard truth. You really do think you love everything about your partner and then you see them become a parent and your heart totally melts. My husband is 1000x hotter when he's being a dad and sometimes my chest literally aches at how much I love him.


Learn Your Place, Husband

I mean, this is totally accurate. If your husband is a Star Wars fan, he'll understand it even more, but it doesn't take long for any dad to figure out that mom really calls the shots.


The Work Is Never Done

"You just relax, honey. You can sleep in and I'll make you some breakfast and you don't have to lift a finger all day. Happy Father's Day!" you say as you storm into the kitchen, realizing that this is just another Sunday except now you have to make sure there are handmade cards and gifts ready for him, too.


Men VS. Women

Face it, fellas. All you want is cargo shorts and maybe a new fishing pole. Right? It's as stereotypical as every new mom wanting a diamond necklace and a new toaster. (Not going to lie. I just want a deck box.)


For The Dadiest Dad Of Them All

Phil Dunphy is the king of dads and if your husband is as cool and trendy as Phil, they totally need this meme.


It's Part Of The Dad Package, Honestly

Your husband may not be 52 or grill a mean burger, but if he's a fan of these shoes, it's really only a matter of time.