10 Funny Halloween Costumes For Kids That'll Get Everyone Giggling

Halloween with kids is fun, but Halloween with kids who will let you choose their costume is even better. Sure, it's adorable that your child wants to be Elsa or a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle or a firefighter for the fifth year. But I bet you really want some funny Halloween costumes for kids so you can laugh at your offspring without actually making fun of them.

When little ones are babies, everyone says it's a waste of money to go all out on Halloween, but I say that's the best time to do it. Your 3-month-old has no idea you've dressed them as a zombie and your 2-year-old doesn't understand that the striped shirt and overalls make them look like Chucky, a serial killer doll. But once they hit the "kid" stage, all bets are off. Now they just want to wear the same thing their BFF on the bus is wearing and you're all sad because you had a great idea for a hilarious costume.

Say no more. These 11 funny Halloween costumes for kids are enough to get you and the neighborhood laughing, but your child might even be excited to put them on. (Hello, poop emoji costume.) It's always fun to tap into the things that make a character, so be sure to talk to your kids about funny things to say while dressed as an iconic Saturday Night Live character or just tell them this is the latest Disney princess so you can move on with your life and score the laughs you're looking for.


Sloth From 'The Goonies'

Superman T-Shirt, $12, Amazon | Red Suspenders, $5, Amazon | Black Pants, $12, Amazon | Pirate Hat, $8, Amazon | Fake Teeth, $5, Amazon

Oh, Sloth. The best character from The Goonies, am I right? Dress your kiddo up as the Baby Ruth-loving Sloth with a Superman t-shirt, red suspenders, black pants, pirate hat, and some fake teeth. I'm going to guess your little one won't wear a mask all night so use a little make-up on the face and pop in the fake teeth to give the same look. Don't forget the Baby Ruth candy bar.


Lucy Ricardo From 'I Love Lucy'

Lucy Ricardo Costume, $30, Amazon

She's literally the most iconic character in television and she's also absolutely hilarious. Let your little one channel the queen of comedy when they dress in a Lucy Ricardo costume. Bonus points if you make up a little bottle of Vitameatavegamin for them to carry around.


Poop Emoji

Poop Emoji Costume, $25, Party City

Because poop is funny and your kid will also think this is hilarious, OK? Just grab a poop emoji costume and call it done.


Carol Burnett As Starlet O'Hara

Wooden Dowels, $4, Amazon | Green Curtains, $11, Walmart | Floral Dress, $12, Kohls | Gold Tassel, $2, Online Fabric Store | Green Velvet, $6, Amazon

One of the most memorable moments in television history was when Carol Burnett spoofed Gone With the Wind on her variety show and came down the stairs as Starlet O'Hara. If you're as cool as I think you are, I know you've seen it and you agree that this would be a great costume for your kid. You'll need a couple of wooden dowels, green curtains, a floral dress, gold tassel fringe, and some green velvet. Because your little one probably can't handle the weight of a curtain rod on their shoulders, you'll use the dowels to give the illusion of a curtain rod.

First, dress your child in the floral dress. Then, find the middle of each curtain panel. Glue one rod to the middle of one curtain panel and do the same on the other side so it looks like the rod is threaded through the curtains. Place the dowels on your child's shoulders with the back of the curtains hanging and the front panels draping over your child's chest. Attach the fringe tassel to the front panel edges with fabric glue and then use some of the fringe to wrap around your child's waist to keep the curtains together. Cut some green tassel and wrap into a round-ish shape for the hat. Use fabric glue to add more tassel and place on your child's head. Done. Now your kiddo looks like an iconic and hilarious piece of television history.


Jake From State Farm

Khaki Pants, $15, Gap | Red Polo Shirt, $6, JC Penney | A Phone, $10, Amazon | Name Tag, $5, Amazon

"It's Jake. From State Farm." You don't have to worry about what your kid's wearing ("Uh. Khakis.") because this funny costume is a cinch to put together. You'll need khaki pants, obviously, a red polo, a phone, and a name tag that says Jake just so everybody knows who your kid is.


Holy Guacamole

Green Leggings, $8, Amazon | Green Top, $3, Walmart | Angel Wings, $10, Party City | Halo, $5, Party City | Avocado Stickers, $1, Etsy

Yeah, yeah, guac is extra. And so is this cute, funny costume for your kid. Everyone loves a pun, so dress your little one up as holy guacamole. You'll need green leggings, a green top, angel wings, a halo, and some avocado stickers. Just cover the pants and shirt in avocado stickers, put on some wings and a halo and boom — holy guacamole.


Church Lady

Purple Skirt, $9, Lands End | Purple Jacket, $26, Amazon | Gray Wig, $14, Amazon | Wire Framed Glasses, $4, Party City

"Well. Isn't that special?" Your child's first order of business is to learn that phrase so they can perfectly embody Dana Carvey's iconic Church Lady character from Saturday Night Live. You'll need to dress them in a purple skirt, a purple jacket, an old lady wig, and a pair of glasses. Make sure they learn how to say, "How conveeeeeenient", too. This is parenting done right, my friend.


Austin Powers

Austin Powers Kids Costume, $40, Amazon

He's an international man of mystery and everyone will be dying at your kid dressed as the shagadelic Austin Powers. (Maybe don't tell them what shag means though?) For this costume, take it easy so you aren't losing your mind looking for blue suits to fit your kid in a Goodwill. You can just buy an adorably tiny Austin Powers kids costume and call it done.


Linda Richman From "Coffee Talk"

Blue Turtle Neck, $8, Amazon | Black Shiny Pleather Pants, $9, Amazon | Red Nail Polish, $9, Amazon | Long Chain Necklace, $4, Amazon | Black Wig, $15, Party City

Without a doubt, Linda Richman, host of Coffee Talk, is the best character to ever come out of Saturday Night Live. And let's be honest — if you are any kind of parent, your child already knows the word "verklempt" and how to yell, "Talk amongst yourselves. Discuss." It's also a super easy costume to put together and everyone will be talking about it. You'll need a blue turtleneck, black shiny pleather pants, red nail polish, a long chain necklace, and a black wig that you can tease into submission. "Remember, the number is 555-4444. Call, we'll talk, no big whoop."


Richard Simmons

Workout Video Star Costume, $15, Halloween Costume

Get your kid sweatin' to the oldies and everyone laughing hysterically when they dress in a workout video star costume and embody everyone's favorite man — Richard Simmons. Bonus points if you can get them to yell "do the pony" as they exercise between houses.