10 Galentine's Day 2019 Gift Ideas That Would Make Leslie Knope Proud (And They're Not Even DIY)

Valentine's Day is all about celebrating romance, which is totally fine, but there's no guarantee you'll be in a pro-romance mood when the holiday rolls around. Galentine's Day, on the other hand, is all about "ladies celebrating ladies" — and when would you *not* be in the mood to do that? Especially because finding the perfect Galentine's Day gifts is one of this holiday's most important traditions, and shopping for Galentine's Day is pretty much like shopping for Valentine's Day, "minus the angst." (In case you somehow don't know, Galentine's Day is celebrated on February 13. But it lives in your heart all year long.)

Shopping for this pre-VDay holiday is more fun because if you follow the example set by Galentine's Day founder Leslie Knope, gift-giving will be a process that's just a million percent fun. Leslie would have sooner given up waffles than give someone a less-than-fabulous present. And she knew that the best gifts are the most personal, like a mosaic portrait made from the crushed bottles of a person's favorite diet soda or a 5,000 word essay on why someone is so awesome. She also understood that the best gifts are the ones given while bottomless mimosas are being poured and frittatas served. (Also, those aforementioned waffles. And whipped cream. On waffles.)

True, Leslie's gifts always tended towards the DIY. It's quite possible that you don't have the time or inclination to create DIY masterpieces for your whole squad. (Or any of said squad.) Don't stress it. You can still come up with some super-personal Galentine's Day gifts — just use each gal's unique personality as a guide.

1For Your Fanciest Friend

Roses Scented Drawer Liners



As part of diptyque's ultra-romantic "Roses" collection, these drawer liners are infused with the scent of "freshly-cut roses" and printed with a design featuring both the Centifolia rose and the Damascena rose.

If she's always secretly imagined herself to be the heroine of a Victorian-era novel, she'll adore these exquisitely scented drawer liners (which will make everything she wears smell like an English rose garden).

2For Your Favorite Influencer

"Like" Neon Light


American Dream House

Made with real neon, this trendy light will give the entire room a soft, pink glow. Perfect for a desk or bedside table.

Let her know she has all your "likes" both online and off with this retro neon lamp, which will most definitely appeal to her inner tween.

4For The Friend Who Sparks So Much Joy

Zoko Basket


Lorena Canals

Inspired by traditional Moroccan handicrafts, this handmade cotton basket makes a practical and pretty addition to almost any room.

If she's been on a non-stop Kondo kick (and who hasn't?), then she most likely needs all the containers she can get. Both beautiful and surprisingly roomy, this handmade basket's dual purpose (decor and storage) guarantees it won't end up in the throwaway pile anytime soon.

5For Your Most Zodiac-Obsessed Friend

Zodiac Sign Tee



This uber-soft tee (available in every zodiac sign, of course) features original artwork on the front and a mini horoscope on the back.

Maybe the two of you share the same sign, or just a similar interest in what the stars have to say... this is the shirt to give the friend who's always texting you astrology memes and knows whether or not your S.O.'s rising sign spells doom for your relationship.

6For The Friend Who's Just Such A Sweetheart

Tiny Hammered Heart


Isabelle Grace

Sweet and subtle, this tiny hammered heart necklace is embellished with three similarly tiny "mystic pink" quartz stones. Available in gold or silver.

This charming necklace is for that friend who's legitimately the sweetest. She doesn't roll her eyes when they get her name wrong at Starbucks, she manages to not spew profanity at drivers who cut her off in traffic, she volunteers at school because she enjoys helping out. She's just lovely, and so is this necklace.

7For The Major Multitasker

"No Days Off" Discovery Kit


Wander Beauty

This sleek kit includes mini sizes of three brand new multitasking products from Wander Beauty: "Drift Away" gel-to-foam cleanser with coconut water and kelp; "Dive In" moisturizer with Pentavitin for 72 hours of hydration; and "Extra Mileage" hair refresher, with calendula flower extract and panthenol.

The busiest gals need products that work as hard as they do, and this (irresistibly pink!) set from Wander Beauty promises to deliver significant results with very little effort. (The hair refresher alone will be nothing short of a lifesaver on those days when there's not even the slightest chance of a shower.)

8For The Friend With A New Baby

Heart Stud Earrings



With a sculpted face made of highly polished sterling silver, these adorable little earrings are a whimsical take on a jewelry box staple.

Maybe she was all about the statement earrings before she became a mom, but now she's finding that wearing her favorite jewelry puts her earlobes at risk (babies sure do love to grab themselves some earrings). These precious little studs are fun to wear, go with everything, and won't get yanked off by curious little fingers.

9For The "Nailed It!" Fan

"Oops I'm Drunk" Oven Mitts


Blue Q

Just because it's funny doesn't mean it's a joke: This oven mitt is super insulated and designed to keep you from feeling the burn (even if you have been "cooking" with wine).

Whether she's a Top Chef or the type who can't make fondant look like anything but a lump, she'll appreciate this pair of oven mitts (which sort of apologize for any mishaps up-front).

10For The Friend With The Biggest Sheet Mask Collection

Gudetama "Tighter 'N Brighter" Sheet Mask


The Créme Shop

The Créme Shop's collaboration with Sanrio resulted in some of the cutest sheet masks ever, like this lemon-and-egg-whites mask (appropriately named for Gudetama, the "lazy egg" character). FYI, this mask is just as effective as it is adorable when it comes to tightening pores.

Be a true friend to your sheet mask connoisseur companion and get her one of these Sanrio sheet masks from The Créme Shop soon... they're selling out fast! Thankfully, as of this writing, there are still a few characters left besides the oh-so-relatable Gudetama (including Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Keroppi).