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Pour These Cocktails On Galentine's Day & You'll Be 'Kickin' It Breakfast Style'

Ladies, I want to discuss something uber important: Galentine's Day. That's right, the day dedicated to honoring female friendship is almost upon us, and I personally plan on doing it in style. There are all kinds of ways you can celebrate the amazing women in your life this February 13: you could go out to dinner, bar hop, or have an epic slumber party (shout to your partners for taking the kids for a night). Whichever option you choose, you're going to need drinks to get the party going, so here are some Galentine's Day cocktail recipes to help you out.

The ultimate girl's night (inspired by the classic Parks & Recreation "holiday," of course) can't be half-assed in any department, and that includes the beverages you provide for your lovely ladies. Listen, your friends aren't just anyone. They're the people you text at least three times a day for advice on everything from what sweater to buy to how to get your toddler to eat; they're the ones you trust to watch your kiddos when you go out of town for the first time since they were born; they're the ones who can make you laugh no matter what. Bottom line, they're your people, and that means they deserve a cocktail that's as fantastic as they are.

So read on for nine drinks that are almost on your besties' level of awesome (reaching it would be impossible), and start channeling Leslie Knope to make sure you're giving your girls everything they deserve.


Rose And Ginger Paloma

To be honest, I picked this Rose and Ginger Paloma because it's so freakin' pretty and will be adorable in my Galentine's Day Instagram, but the ingredient list looks majorly delicious too. Courtesy of Half Baked Harvest, the combo of tequila, lime, and rose water sounds super refreshing, and the grapefruit garnish will have you feeling all kinds of fancy.


Alaskan Glacier Martini

If you're looking for a strong drink to get your girls in the party spirit, this Alaskan Glacier Martini from Princess Pinky Girl will do the trick. The recipe calls for gin, vodka, and light rum, plus blue curacao for the bright color. You might want to make sure everyone's had a snack before you bring these out.


Tequila Sunrise

Your best girls have a way of making every moment feel like the sun just came out, so this horizon-like beverage from Foodie Crush is totally appropriate for your gal-gathering. Pro-tip: make sure you don't stir the ingredients, or you won't have that picture perfect ombre effect.


Champagne Cocktail

Honoring your lady friends calls for the official celebratory drink, and I love the twist on classic champagne in this cocktail from My Baking Addiction. Show the true loves of your life how important they are with the flavors of pomegranate and blood orange, and get ready to party the night away.


Apple Cider Sangria For A Crowd

If you've got a larger party for the Galentine's Day festivities this year, you'll be all about this Apple Cider Sangria, courtesy of Pickles and Honey. Plus, the flavors of apple and cinnamon will add to that cozy feeling if your group is staying in with a movie night.


Sparkling Strawberry Floats

Strawberry sorbet + Prosecco = the perfect Galentine's cocktail. This grown up float from Five Heart Home is the perfect dessert treat for your lady power soiree, and it's super simple to make. Save me one, please.


Blueberry Strawberry Mojito

The fresh fruit packed into these Blueberry Strawberry Mojitos will bring a fun energy to your party, as well as delicious flavors. Well Plated's recipe has a rum base, and the addition of granulated sugar to the mix makes for a sweet treat the whole gang will love.


Gin + Lemon Tonic With Pink Peppercorns + Hibiscus Salt

The peppercorns in this gin and tonic recipe from What's Cooking Good Looking give it that sparkly look, and I can't think of anything cuter for your gathering of girlies. Your guests will love the unique flavor the hibiscus salt brings, and the gin will have you all feeling happy.


Fresh Juice Mimosa Bar

And finally, what could be more fun for your girl gang than a fresh juice mimosa bar? Hello Glow gives you the rundown on how to create a drink station that lets your guests pick the juice of their choice, because everyone deserves to have what they really, really want on Galentine's Day. This one would be especially great if you're doing a brunch this year.