10 GIFs & Birthing Scenes That Are So Inaccurate They're Hilarious

I vividly remember the first time I watched a video of childbirth in my middle school health class. Sure, the up-close and personal shots of the birth were alarming, but I was taken aback by how different a real, unedited birth was compared to the scenes I'd seen in TV and movies. Anyone who has given birth can attest that media, more often than not, misses the mark. For example, these GIFs and birthing scenes are totally inaccurate, but still hilarious and good for an easy laugh. Hey, if Hollywood can't get birth right, at least they can provide us with some cheap entertainment, right?

While all births are completely different, these 10 scenes and GIFs range from the unlikely to the downright impossible. Of course, most of us probably don't turn on our television or head to the movie theater expecting to see a completely realistic depiction of childbirth. After all, that might make us lose our interest in our movie theater popcorn.

While all of the following clips and gifs are from comedies and are intended to be funny, some of these go from funny to hilarious because of the inaccuracy. Watch the videos below to have a laugh... just don't expect these things to happen during your own labor and delivery.


Sneeze Birth

In the sitcom My Wife and Kids, Jay sneezes and sends her baby flying into Michael's open arms. While after a few kids it might feel like this is possible. I'm sorry to say it'll take a bit more than that!


Surprise Twins

Friends fans will remember the shocking moment when Monica and Chandler found out they were having not one, but two babies. After their first adopted baby is born, the doctor casually announces, "The next baby should be along in a minute." According to birth mother Erica, this was a surprise for her as well. Were there no ultrasounds? Did Monica never attend a doctor's appointment? Did Erica never hear the word "twins"? I had so many questions after this episode.


A Slapstick Delivery

No one really watches Monty Python's The Meaning of Life hoping to be enlightened or learn something new, so it's no surprise that this childbirth scene is hilariously inaccurate. Once the "doctors" gather their most expensive equipment and figure out what's missing (the mother in labor), they somehow manage to deliver a baby. Note that their handling of the newborn is a bit... shocking, to say the least.


IKEA Has Everything

This GIF, courtesy of a Conan O'Brien sketch, imagined that babies came packaged and ready for assembly like a piece of IKEA furniture. While deciphering instructions, locating tiny screws and bolts, and assembling IKEA furniture can be a challenge, I still don't think it's quite as difficult as actual childbirth.


"Push Even Harder"

Yes, I'm including another scene from Friends because they took a lot of freedoms with their labor and delivery scenes. When Rachel is giving birth to baby Emma, the doctor (and Ross) are shocked to see the baby emerging breech, or buttocks first. While this typically leads to an emergency C-section, Rachel's doctor doesn't miss a beat. "She's in a more difficult position so you're going to have to push harder now. Go!" the doctor says. Hmm... I don't really think that's how it works, and I'd trust Dr. Drake Ramoray more than this doctor.


Incompetent Doctor

In the 1995 movie Nine Months, Rebecca and Samuel are pregnant with their first son. Unfortunately their OB-GYN, Dr. Kosevich, played by Robin Williams, doesn't exactly seem like a baby-delivering expert. Between his mixed up words and fainting spells in the delivery room, he strikes absolutely zero confidence in his patients. Doctors aren't perfect, but chances are high your doctor will at least stay upright during your delivery.


Not-So-Peaceful Water Birth

Water births are supposed to be serene experiences, or at least that's how they're described. However, this scene from The Back-up Plan is anything but. Main character Zoe is forced into witnessing a near-stranger's water birth, despite being visibly uncomfortable and desperate to leave. After the baby is born, Zoe promptly faints into the birthing tub. I don't know about you, but I'm not having anyone in my birthing room who isn't a source of comfort. Oh, and I'd like to actually know them, too.


Permission Granted

The journey to get to 10 centimeters dilated can be a long and painful one, and many women are anxious to start pushing. In this episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Worf gives Keiko "permission" to give birth. I appreciate her response: "That's what I've been doing."


Doula Ventura

Unsurprisingly, this birth scene from Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls couldn't be farther from reality. Of course, the entire movie is pretty far from reality. Ace gently lays a woman on a table, gives one firm push on her abdomen, and a baby flies out. No pushing required? Sign me up.


Synchronized Birthing

Full disclosure: I love the Father of the Bride movies. That said, the birthing scene in Father of the Bride Part II is pretty hilariously inaccurate. First off, how is daughter Annie so positive that her baby is coming "tonight"? Doesn't she know labor can take awhile? Second, what are the odds that mom and daughter would go into birth at the same time, in rooms next door to each other? Of course, their synchronized birthing also made for a perfect ending, so I won't complain too much.