Godparent Proposals Are Totally A Thing Now, & These Ideas Are Adorable

Having a baby today involves more than just visiting the OB and painting the nursery. Expecting couples typically post splashy pregnancy announcements on social media, host gender-reveal parties with cakes or balloons heralding the surprise, and go away on "babymoon" vacations to enjoy their last days as a family of two. Now you can add the new godparent proposal trend to that list, where parents-to-be find creative ways to ask family members and friends to be their child's spiritual mentors.

Like promposals and bridesmaid invitations before them, godparent proposals are the new big thing in event planning. In fact, they were cited as one of Pinterest's 100 top trends of 2019, with searches for the subject skyrocketing 152 percent. Naturally, Etsy shops and other creative businesses have risen to the occasion, with cards, clothing, picture frames, and other personalizable accessories to help make the occasion a success.

Traditionally, godparents are people close to the parents who share their religious faith and values, explained Beliefnet, and who promise to act as the child's spiritual and moral guide throughout their life. It's considered a great honor, and godparents often form a special bond with their godchildren. Though some parents select family members such as aunts and uncles, others ask their best friends to take on the role.

These are just a few of the ways you can ask the big question to the prospective godparents, either before or after the baby comes. (Bet they say yes.)


"Pop" The Question

Invite your godparents-to-be out to lunch or over to your place for coffee. Have a bunch of balloons numbered 1 through 10 tied to their chair and invite the honorees to pop them in order. Inside they'll find slips of paper with messages you placed inside; the first nine explain how special they are, and the final one asks, "Will you be my godparents?"


Let The Baby "Ask"

If your new family member has already arrived, you can dress it in a proposal onesie like this one as you introduce it to the prospective godmother or godfather. Then have your phone ready to capture the joyful moment.


Raise A (Personalized) Glass

Cheers to godmothers! Offer the proposal over dinner or at your favorite watering hole, with a bottle of wine at the ready. Then present the godmother with a personalized wineglass, like this one from Etsy. It says, "Only the best aunts get promoted to godmother."


Hitting The Godparent Jackpot

If your future godparent is a regular lottery player, the perfect way to propose is with a personalized scratch-off card (like this one from Etsy). It works just like the instant-win lotto cards, but underneath the coating is your proposal message. You could have it say, "Uncle (name), will you be my godfather? Love, (baby's name)."


Picture It

A simple but heartwarming way to propose is to give the godparents a picture of your sonogram or baby (depending on timing), in a craft frame on which you've written the message, "Will you be my godparents?" Include the baby's name, if you've made it public.


Hunting For Godparents

Stage a scavenger hunt at your home or somewhere convenient where you can hide clues (example: "You have a warm heart, but the next clue is in a cold place" to guide the godparent to the fridge). At the finishing point, offer the proposal, with champagne at the ready. For an extra touch, have a little gift (a piece of candy, a personalized keychain, etc.) at each clue station.


Piece It Together

If your bestie or family member enjoys games, you can order a personalized jigsaw puzzle online (like this one from Etsy). You can either have it printed with a pretty background, or with a photo of your baby or the sonogram. As the godparent assembles the puzzle, the proposal falls into place.


Box It Up

If pop culture fans can have LootCrate and beauty buffs can have FabFitFun, why can't godparents have boxes of their own? You can either create a simple one like the one above, or fill a wooden craft box with items of your choice: a personalized mug or glass, a picture frame, a bottle of wine or Scotch, their favorite candy, or whatever sparks joy in the recipient. Plus, of course, the big question.


Sweet Question

No one can say no to an invitation when it's presented on something yummy. Have a personalized giant cookie delivered to the godparents' home, or have a small gathering featuring cupcakes decorated with lettering that spells out "Will You Be My Godparents?"


Bring The Bling

Jewelry is traditional for marriage proposals, so why not godparent proposals? When you ask the big question, you can present a special piece of godparent jewelry (like this bracelet, which features a cross, the godparent's initial, a heart saying "Godmother," and a disk engraved: "The love between a godmother and godson is forever"). Depending on the person, you could also opt for monogrammed cufflinks, a keychain, a necklace, or a "wish bracelet" on a cord. (Make a wish as you put it on, and the wish comes true after the cord eventually frays and breaks.)