10 Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids & Their Pets That You'll Be Obsessed With

by Olivia Youngs

It's normal to get the whole family involved in Halloween shenanigans, but what about one of the smallest, furriest (and, arguably, most important) members of your family? Including your pet in your kids' Halloween costume is both a clever, hilarious, and sweet way to make sure everyone is included and your creative juices are taken up a notch or two. Luckily there are so many costumes for pet and kid pairs that you may come up with more options than you know what to do with.

Although most of these costumes could stand alone without the canine companion, adding a costumed pet makes everything better, so why not include them, too? The costumes range from classic storybook favorites, to current pop culture obsessions, to creative options that no one else will likely think of. Each costume is easy to make, or affordable to buy if you're not the crafty type, and will give you one less thing to worry about as Halloween approaches.

Although your pup probably won't have nearly as much fun trick-or-treating as your kid will, there's nothing more fun that getting the entire family dressed up for Halloween. These costumes give you a creative, affordable, and simple way to do just that.


Little Red Riding Hood & The Big Bad Wolf

Red Poncho With Hood, $24, Walmart | Black Pants, $5, Target | Round Frame Glasses, $7, Amazon | Knit Scarfing, $10, H&M

Your little girl and her "big bad wolf" will steal the show with this adorable ensemble. For Little Red Riding Hood, all you need is a red poncho with a hood, or a large piece of felt to make one yourself with the tutorial from Do It Yourself Divas. From there, a pair of black pants and a basket will complete the look.

For your big bad wolf dressed as Granny, your pup will need a whole lot of patience, some round framed glasses, a blanket or scarf to wrap up in, and a bonnet.


Daenerys & Her Dragon

Greek Goddess Costume, $60, Spirit Halloween | Blonde Wig, $18, Light In The Box

All you really need to dress your little one like the Mother of Dragons is a white or blue bed sheet and a belt, but if you'd like to buy a pre-made one, a greek goddess-esque costume and a blonde wig will suffice.

Dragon Pet Costume, $13, Target

To transform into Daerneys' trusted dragon, your dog will, of course, need a dragon suit, which is definitely a thing.


Sarah & Duck

Pink Striped Hoodie, $22, Ali Express | Mary Janes, $25, Kohls | Green Beanie, $5, Amazon | Children's Sarah Costume, $60, Etsy | Pet Duck Costume, $11, Jet

If your kiddo is a fan of the kid's tv show "Sarah and Duck", the duo would make the perfect costumed pair. If you don't have a pink striped hoodie, a green hat, and some adorable Mary Jane's. Or you can buy the full set and a duck costume for your dog. Bonus points if you actually have a duck.


Max And His "Wild Thing"

White Onesie, $23, Sears | Golden Crown, $5, Anytime Costumes

For your little adventurer, dressing up like Max from Where the Wild Things Are is fairly simple. All you need is a white onesie or suit, some fur to make a tail, and a golden crown. Follow this tutorial from A Night Owl to get detailed instructions on how to make your own version.

Lion's Mane Pet Costume, $17, eBay

Since your pet is likely already covered in fur, you won't need to do much on that front. Unless your cat wants to join in on the fun, in that case, they need this lion's mane. Because why should dogs have all the fun on Halloween?


Wonder Woman & Super Dog

Wonder Women Costume, $33, Spirit Halloween

Chances are, there will be a fair share of mini-Wonder Women this Halloween. But how many will have their trusty sidekick Super Dog by their side?

It's easy to both DIY your daughter's Wonder Woman costume or buy it in-store, and your pet can look just as heroic in a ridiculously cute pet costume.


Han Solo & Chewbaca

White Shirt, $12, Buy Buy Baby | Black Vest, $20, Sears | Black Pants, 13, Old Navy | Brown Boots, $33, Carters | Chewbaca Pet Costume, $15, Target | Chewbaca Pet Harness, $21, Petco

To transform your little guy into the captain of the Millennium Falcon, you'll need a white shirt, black vest, black pants, brown boots and a (safe, pretend) gun of some sort.

For his fuzzy sidekick, you can buy a full-blown Chewbaca costume, or just the belt, depending on your pet's temperament and size.


Buzz & Woody

Woody Costume, $18, Walmart | Puppy Buzz Lightyear Costume, $15, Walmart

Let your kid and pup duo choose their characters, since you can buy both Buzz and Woody costumes for kids and dogs. If your kiddo wants to be Woody, you can buy their costume and a puppy themed Buzz Lightyear costume.


Beauty & The Beast

With the release of Beauty and the Beast this year, chances are your little girl won't be the only one dressed up as Emma Watson's Belle. But, you can almost guarantee that they won't have their furry friend to accompany them as the beast.

Belle Dress, 30, Disney Store | Dogs Lion Mane, $15, Amazon | Prince Pet Costume, $55, Etsy

You can buy a Belle dress almost anywhere, but the dog costume is a bit easier said than done. Luckily, with a dog's lion mane and a blue jacket, your dancing duo can be on their way.


The Grinch & Max

Grinch Costume, $39, Bonanza | Fleece Santa Costume, $4, H&M

For a hilarious twist on typical Halloween costumes, dress your little one as the Grinch with your dog as Max, his poor sidekick. You can buy a Grinch costume or simply buy a Santa suit and some green face paint.

Dog Reindeer Antlers, $14, Jet

For "Max," snag some dog reindeer antlers and a harness.


Dorothy & Toto

Blue Checkered Dress, $21, Kohls | White Button Down Shirt, $12, Old Navy | Ruby Slippers, $17 Payless

If you have a toto sized dog (or even if you don't) dressing your little girl as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz is the perfect choice. All you need is a blue checkered dress, a white button up shirt, some ruby slippers, and a basket. Your dog, of course, can dress as is.

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