10 Halloween Costume Ideas For Strollers That Are Creative & Perfect

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you have a tiny baby, you may be wondering what to do for their first Halloween (or if you even should venture out trick-or-treating since they obviously can't eat candy and it's really all for you). Logistically though, you may be looking for Halloween costume ideas for strollers so you're not lugging your baby all over the neighborhood all night.

These 10 costume ideas for a stroller-bound baby include pre-made covers for your stroller and even a DIY for the creatively inclined parent. Whether it's a princess carriage, a dump truck, or even a John Deere tractor, this list has something for everyone's Halloween wish list. A lot of them even lend to fun family costumes so everyone gets in on the fun — and so you totally earn that candy. Many of Carter's baby costumes would lend perfectly with these, and as we all know they are too cute for words. And they're 50 percent off right now, so win-win. Your baby will be rolling around in cuteness, creativity, and style. So extra Snickers for you this year, parents. And bonus: no exhausted arms or weary back from wearing your baby all night.

1Pacman Arcade Stroller

Head over to Home Depot for cheap moving boxes and a box cutter to make this amazing Pac-Man Arcade stroller costume. Get free Pac-Man printables to color, and use an old controller stick if you can part with it. If you can't, a rattle would do. Regular paint ($5, Target) and construction paper ($5, Target) would work just fine in recreating the arcade machine we all grew up loving. Dress your baby in a primary color and paint white eyeballs on the front for a ghost. Or you could even do an all yellow outfit for Pac-Man or Ms. Pac-Man.

2Banana Tree

Banana Tree Stroller


This banana tree stroller cover is super impressive, and will look even more impressive with an adorable baby dressed as a monkey sitting in it, or even a banana. Get the whole family involved — everyone loves a good gorilla or banana costume.

3Dump Truck

Dump Truck Stroller Costume


This very expressive dump truck looks like it would be in the movie Cars. A construction hat and some overalls for your baby would look very appropriate with this stroller costume.

4Princess Carriage

Princess Carriage Stroller Costume

There are princess costumes everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Grab your favorite princess costume for your baby and give them the royal treatment by giving them their own mini parade in this carriage fit for royalty. Perhaps you could go as a court jester or a queen, depending on your mood that day.

5Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship Baby Stroller for Halloween


Arrrrrrrrr! This pirate ship stroller cover is all kinds of awesome. It's understandable why it's a bit expensive based on all the work and detail that went into it. Pirate hats are a dime a dozen at costume stores, and eye patches are, too. A stuffed parrot would complete this ensemble, and the entire family can dress up as pirates and go trick-or-treating as a whole crew.

6Fire Truck

Stroller Costumes Fire Truck


I'm positive you could find an adorable firefighter hat somewhere, whether it's at Target, Walmart, or Party City. And how adorable would that be with your baby driving their very own fire truck? Grab a stuffed Dalmatian dog for good measure and you have yourself a costume that the whole neighborhood will love.


Eric Carle Infant Carseat Cover


For the teeny tiny babies who want to go trick-or-treating this year, this Eric Carle Caterpillar cover is the perfect costume idea for those families who live in places where it will actually be cold on Halloween (do those places exist anymore?). This is a carseat cover, which can be used if your family uses a carseat that clicks into the stroller.


Barn Stroller Halloween Costume


What kid doesn't love farm animals? And what parent doesn't like seeing their baby dressed up as an adorable farm animal? I hear pig costumes are all the rage this year, especially at Carter's. That costume with this amazing stroller cover would be perfection.

9John Deere Tractor

John Deere Tractor Stroller Costume for Trick and Treating or Halloween Party


This elaborate stroller costume is adorable in every way, from the John Deere logo to the corn. Put your baby in some overalls and a flannel shirt, throw a straw or cowboy hat on their head, and call it a day.

10Red Race Car

Red Race Car Stroller Costume

This adorable red race car stroller costume is also reminiscent of the movie Cars in my opinion. Just grab a baseball cap or a helmet for your baby — maybe throw in a onesie with a race car on it — and say they're a race car driver.