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10 Halloween Costumes For Sisters That Everyone Will Agree On

by Mishal Ali Zafar

Halloween is the time to let your inhibitions take a back seat and become whoever, or whatever you want. For many, the holiday can also bring about a sense of unity and family, especially when you coordinate your costumes. If you have sisters, it may be even more exciting to put together some Hallowen costumes for sisters to show the world what sisterhood looks like on Halloween. (Bonus: if you have more than one daughter, now is your time to choose their costumes.)

Sisters already know what it feels like to have grown up wearing matching outfits and dresses for every occasion, so why not match on Halloween, too? For my sisters and I, Halloween is the perfect excuse to release our inner nerd, and it allows us to play out the cosplay fantasies we’ve been bottling up all year, but without any judgement (like what a weirdo).

If you have a sister or sisters, or if you have daughters you want to match, you may want to make this Halloween about girl power. From DIY to premade, these costume ideas for sisters are super fun and really easy to whip together. As Winnifred Sanderson said, "Sisters, All Hallow's Eve has become a night of frolic." And it's high time you and your sisters joined forces to make the most of the frolicking holiday.


Bellatrix Lestrange & Narcissa Malfoy

If you are a Harry Potter nerd like my sisters and I, you will love these smart, yet subtle Potter inspired costumes. Bellatrix Lestrange and her sister Narcissa Malfoy are perfect wizardly sister costumes, and all you need is a striped jailhouse costume ($20, for Bellatrix, and a long black coat ($31, Azbro), dark or grey maxi skirt ($35, Victorias Wing), sensible black heels ($37, Zappos), and a pair of blonde or white extensions ($10, Etsy).

If your kids are the ones dressing up, you can use a black dress coat ($30, Amazon), long skirt ($19, Kohl's), and dress shoes ($20, Amazon) for Narcissa and this kid's jailhouse costume ($10, Amazon) for Bellatrix.

Oh, and you witches will need your wands ($29, Amazon), just in case you find yourselves making an unbreakable vow.


Glinda & Elphaba

Whether you’re a fan of Wicked the Musical, or just a fan of the Wizard of Oz, you’ll love the pairing of Glinda the Good Witch with Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West.

For Glinda, you can wear a costume gown in any color (Glinda wore so many in the musical), in yellow ($38, Amazon), blue ($40, Amazon), or the original Glinda pink gown ($40 to $60, Amazon), along with a tall crown ($11, Amazon) and a sparkly wand ($6, Amazon). For Elphaba, you can grab a simple wicked witch costume ($25 to $75, Amazon) that comes with a hat, and some green face paint ($5, Amazon).

For little girls, you can get a princess dress in yellow ($22, Amazon), blue ($31, Amazon), or the pink ($21, Amazon) for Glinda, and a girl's Wicked Witch costume ($19, Amazon).

Just prepare your most maniacal cackle and high pitched, goody-two-shoes voices so you can defy gravity together this Halloween.


Sand Snakes Of Dorne

If you love Game of Thrones, but think that Daenerys costumes are played out, you may want to pay homage to the Sand Snakes of Dorne, the beautiful, ass kicking daughters of Oberyn Martell.

To put together your best Nymeria, Obara, or Tyene Sand outfit, you’ll need a flattering mustard yellow dress ($49, TopShop), tan leggings ($21, Wearall), and brown boots ($40, JustFab). To accessorize, you can grab a few brown belts ($21, Amazon) and strategically place them to look like a chest harness. A wide brown belt ($10, Amazon) over your waist can house your dagger, while a brown leather bracelet ($19, Overstock) and a snake ring ($10, Amazon) adorn the hand in which you’ll wield your spear ($9, Amazon).

You can finish off your looks with the sun-kissed glow of the Dornish women, with a bronzer and highlighter ($4, Ulta), along with black eyeliner ($7, Amazon) for intense, killer eyes.

For your little ones, you can get a yellow girl's dress ($8, Old Navy), brown leggings ($7 to $10, Amazon), and brown boots ($29, Amazon).


The Chipmunks

If you are a gang of three, and want to keep your costumes simple, you can always go as Alvin, Simon, and Theodore.

You’ll need three hoodies along with some other accessories. A red hoodie ($29, Zaful) and red baseball cap ($5, Groupon) for Alvin, on which you can paint the letter “A” with yellow fabric paint ($1, JoAnn); a blue hoodie ($12, Gamiss) for Simon with a pair of round eyeglasses ($8, Amazon) and a science or math book to hold; and a green hoodie ($30, WithChic) for Theodore with a bag of cookies on hand to munch on (you can even stuff a pillow under your hoodie to look plump). And because you actually need to wear pants, unlike the Chipmunks, all three of you can wear a pair of khakis ($20, Hollister) to finish off the costumes.

For little girls you can get a girl's red hoodie ($20, Amazon), blue hoodie ($20, Amazon), or green hoodie ($14, Amazon), and pair them with these girl's khakis ($10, Old Navy).


Katniss & Primrose Everdeen

No two sisters could be braver than Katniss and Primrose Everdeen from the Hunger Games series, and the scene that solidified their bond was in the first film, when Katniss takes her sister’s place as tribute.

To channel that look for Katniss, you can wear a light blue, tie waisted dress ($63, TopShop), ankle boots ($34, ZooShoo), and pull your hair back in a braid. For Prim, you can pair a beige button down shirt ($18, ThredUp) with an earth toned skirt ($20, Pretty Little Things), and white bobby socks ($5, Amazon) with black Mary Janes ($20, Amazon) and your hair in pigtails.

If your kids are the ones dressing up, you can get a girl's blue dress ($25, Old Navy), brown ankle boots ($26, Amazon) for Katniss, and a button down shirt ($13, Kohl's), pleated skirt ($13, Kohl's), bobby socks ($12, Amazon), and Mary Janes ($15, Amazon) for Prim.

Don’t forget to represent District 12 and wear your Mockingjay pin ($7, Amazon).


Daphne & Velma

Throwback to your favorite childhood sleuths, Daphne and Velma from Scooby Doo. These costumes are also super easy — you may even find some items right in your own closet.

If not, for Daphne you can pick up a Daphne costume ($24, Amazon), which comes with wig, dress, scarf, and boot covers, with which you can pair pink tights ($8, Amazon) for more coverage. For Velma, you can grab the Velma costume ($27, Amazon) that comes with a shirt, skirt, glasses, and wig. To complete Velma’s look you can add a pair of knee high orange socks ($10, Amazon) and red Mary Janes ($26, Amazon) with a science book in hand.

For little girls you can get a Daphne costume ($21, Amazon), and girl's pink tights ($6, Amazon), or the girl's Velma costume ($15, Amazon) with kid's orange knee high socks ($9, Amazon) and red Mary Janes ($26, Amazon).

Ruh roh, don’t forget to take a Scooby Doo plushy ($12, Amazon), so he can help you unmask any crazy villain lurking nearby.


The Tanner Sisters

This halloween you can channel your favorite TV sisters, DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle Tanner from Full House. To get their 90s look, you can rummage through your mom’s closet or pick up a few essentials to put these costumes together.

For DJ, you can start with a pair of stonewashed mom jeans ($45, TopShop), a bright blazer ($20, Groupon), a buttoned shirt ($60, TopShop), a collar brooch ($22, Etsy), bright earrings ($19, Lori's), and a pair of pointed flats ($30, Amazon). For Steph, you can get a white t-shirt ($18, TopShop) with a floral skater dress ($12, Hollister), and lace up boots ($17, NewChic). For cute little Michelle, all you need is a pair of cute footed pajamas ($51, Overstock).

If your kids are the ones dressing up as the Tanners, you can grab a girl's blazer ($10 to $20, Amazon), stonewashed jeans ($8, Amazon), and button shirt ($13, Amazon) for DJ. For Stephanie, a layered dress ($8, Macy's) and black boots ($30, The Children's Place), and a blanket sleeper ($21, Kohl's) for Michelle.

Most of the costume will be in the hair, so for DJ lots of teasing, for Stephanie a big flowery scrunchie ($3, Amazon) on a side ponytail, and for Michelle, a high ponytail with a pretty bow ($7, Amazon). You got it, dude?


Grady Sisters

If you’re in the mood for a little creepiness, you can put on an evil smile and go dressed as the Grady sisters from The Shining. For these costumes, you’ll need two of each item, because you’ll be dressed exactly the same.

You can wear a light blue belted flare dress ($12, OASAP), with white knee high lace socks ($13, Amazon), flat black Mary Janes ($26, ZooShoo), and your hair parted to the side with a daisy hair clip ($4, Asos ). For little ones, you can get a collared blue dress ($10 to $15, Amazon), lace ruffle socks ($9, Amazon), and black Mary Janes ($16, Amazon).

All that’s left is to find a few dark hallways to lurk in with sinister smiles in tow.


Elsa & Anna

Everyone loves a princess, and if you love the magic of Disney’s Frozen (who doesn’t?), you and your sis can transform into Elsa and Anna this Halloween.

For Elsa, you can pick up this beautiful sequined blue gown ($35, Amazon) and Elsa wig ($16, Amazon) with a pair of icy, sparkly heels ($26, Charlotte Russe). For Anna, once you have your hair in braids, there is a perfect Anna deluxe traveling costume ($27, Walmart), and all you’ll need to add is a pair of black pointy boots ($28, Shoes).

For little princesses, you can get an Elsa girl's costume ($15, Walmart), Elsa girl's wig ($10, Walmart), and Elsa shoes ($10, Walmart), along with a girl's Anna costume ($25, Party City) and black girl's boots ($49, Zappo's).

You and your sister will be ready to let it all go in these icy get ups on Halloween.


Hogwarts Students

Because my sisters and I absolutely love Harry Potter, when push comes to shove, we end up dressing up like Hogwarts students (even when it’s not Halloween). No matter which house you are from, it’s really easy, and inexpensive to dress up like you’re heading for a long day of wizarding classes.

First you’ll take a house patch ($7 to $10, Amazon) and iron it onto a white button down shirt ($20, Hollister), which you can pair off with black slacks ($40, H&M) and black loafers ($40, Nordstrom Rack). Next you can pick up a corresponding house tie ($6, Etsy), and if it’s cooler outside, you can put on a Hogwarts cardigan ($45, Hot Topic).

For little girls, you can get a white shirt ($12, Old Navy), black pants ($10, Old Navy), and black loafers ($22, Amazon).

Don’t forget your wands ($30, Amazon), or you may get kicked out of class.

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