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10 Humidifiers That Are Easy To Clean, Because Yes, They Really Do Exist

Humidifiers can be hugely beneficial, for babies, children, and parents alike. They can be invaluable in nurseries and kids' rooms, thanks to their ability to prevent the dryness that can cause things like sore throats and stuffy noses. As any parent knows, a sick, uncomfortable child is not a happy child – or a child that'll let you sleep. However, humidifiers can also require a bit of maintenance... which is why these 10 humidifiers that are easy to clean are the best of the best, because no one wants to spend hours regularly scrubbing down a humidifier with nearly impossible-to-reach corners.

If you've never purchased or used a humidifier before, you may not take ease of cleaning into consideration when choosing one. However, some of them can be quite a pain to maintain, and cleaning them regularly is not a chore you can skip. The website Allergy & Air detailed why regular cleaning is so important. "Without proper disinfection and cleaning, the water in your humidifier will just sit there and stagnate," explained the site. "If you turn your humidifier on without giving it a thorough cleaning, then you risk traces of that bad water being released into the air, and ultimately, being breathed in by you and your family." Because you'll be cleaning your humidifier often, the easier the process, the better.

10. Filter-Free Ultrasonic Visible Cool Mist Humidifier

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