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10 Royally Interesting Facts About Princess Eugenie, Britain's Bride-To-Be

Princess Eugenie tends to stay out of the public eye, making her one member of the royal family that people may not know much about. But with her wedding fast approaching, many fans are likely eager to learn more about the royal bride-to-be. With just days until she says "I do," here are 10 facts about Princess Eugenie you may not know to help prepare you for her big day.

Knowing the full lineage of the royal family would be quiet an impressive feat, so nobody is going to be offended if you don't know how every family member is related. As for Princess Eugenie, she is the youngest daughter of Prince Andrew, who is one of Queen Elizabeth's son.

Princess Eugenie is a lot more familiar to people than they might think. Although she's not always in the news, she does still make it to most of the royal family functions.

She's set to marry her longtime boyfriend on Friday, Oct. 12. The couple will marry at St. George's chapel, Windsor Castle, as reported by the BBC. For those in the United States, Princess Eugenie's wedding will be streamed live exclusively on TLC bright and early on Friday morning.

If you want to tune into the wedding but don't know much about the princess, that's OK! These 10 facts will help you know a little bit more about Princess Eugenie in anticipation of her big day.

She Has Her Own Royal Title

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Princess Eugenie didn't marry into the royal family — she was born into it. That means she has a royal title of her own.

Her father, Prince Andrew, is known as the Duke of York. Because of that, Princess Eugenie's full royal title is: Her Royal Highness Princess Eugenie of York.

She Will Keep Her Title After Marriage

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When she marries, Princess Eugenie has the option of taking her husband's last name, according to Town & Country. No matter what, though, she will maintain her royal title, becoming HRH The Princess Eugenie, Mrs Jack Brooksbank, should she change her last name.

Her future husband, Jack Brooksbank, will likely not be awarded a royal title of his own. According to Town & Country, he will remain a member of the public.

She's The Queen's Third Youngest Grandchild

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Sorting out who is the child of who can be a little tricky when it comes to the royal family. Princess Eugenie's father, Prince Andrew, is the son of the Queen and Prince Charles.

As noted by Biography, Prince Andrew only has two children: Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, who is the Queen's third-youngest grandchild.

She does have two younger cousins and four older cousins, including Princes Harry and Prince William, as reported by The Week.

She's Ninth In The Line Of Succession

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When it comes to the British line of succession, people typically know the top three names: Princes Charles, Prince William, and Prince George.

However, the line of succession does extend past them. Although it's unlikely that Princess Eugenie would ever reign within her lifetime, she's currently ninth in the line of succession for the British throne, according to Mental Floss.

She Doesn't Need The Queen's Blessing To Marry

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Notably, Queen Elizabeth gave Prince Harry and Meghan Markle a formal blessing earlier this year to marry. So, will Princess Eugenie require the same letter of consent? Not according to the 2013 Succession to the Crown Act.

The new act states only the first six in line to the throne need the monarch's consent to marry, as noted by TLC. Since Princess Eugenie is ninth, she doesn't require any sort of formal blessing.

She Attended School With Kate Middleton

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It's a small world out there and this fun fact proves it!

Princess Eugenie attended Upton House School in Windsor before moving to Marlborough College, according to Town & Country. Kate Middleton attended the same school, according to The Week.

She Works In The Art World

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People sometimes think members of the royal family do, well, nothing. But, Princess Eugenie does have a job in London. As reported by Cosmopolitan, she works full-time at an art gallery called Hauser & Wirth as its associate director.

She Doesn't Carry Out Public Duties

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Princess Eugenie may be seen at a lot of royal family events, but she doesn't actually carry out public duties. As noted by Royal Central, she is not classed as a full-time working royal, and so her independent activities aren't listed in the Court Circular.

She Used To Live In America

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Back in 2014, Princess Eugenie was the most senior member of the royal family living outside of the United Kingdom, according to Royal Central.

People tend to think of the royals as firmly fixed in the United Kingdom. But, for some time, Princess Eugenie lived and work in New York.

She Regularly Campaigns For Charities

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It's not uncommon for members of the royal family to take up campaigning for charities. For Princess Eugenie, her campaigns are personal. According to Town & Country, Princess Eugenie had surgery to correct her scoliosis when she was 12, and since then "she has made it a goal to support others with similar conditions."

Princess Eugenie's wedding is right around the corner, and knowing these facts about her makes you want to wish her the best on her special day even more.