10 Kinds Of Cereal All '80s And '90s Kids Were So Obsessed With

Fact: '80s and '90s kids like to reminisce and wax nostalgic about every possible thing. Online quizzes about which neon Lisa Frank pattern represent our truest selves? Yes. Random gif collections of Stephanie Tanner dancing? Obviously. Tumblr’s dedicated to the wardrobes of our favorite movie characters? Yes, please. And what about the food? I hope you’ve got some time, because millennials looooove talking about what we ate as kids. The cereal? Oh man. I could go down the deepest, darkest Internet rabbit hole getting nostalgic about the best cereals from the '80s and '90s.

I was a weird kid who didn’t enjoy most kinds of breakfast foods, like bacon or eggs (I know, adult-me judges kid-me too, because all of that food is clearly amazing and perfect), which left my parents with few options that didn’t include an ton of sugar (although, points for both of them because they tried, oh did they ever try). Which is what brings us to today’s topic at hand: the cereals that used to be the centerpieces of our childhood breakfasts. Here are the absolute best of those glorious morning treats that we'd all be much happier if we could still eat every day.

Lucky Charms

We didn’t regularly keep this one in our house, yet for some reason I still have very clear memories of noshing on the marshmallows when they’re in that glorious half-soggy stage; soft on the outside, dry-and-melty-in-a-great-way on the inside. Mmm. So perfect.

Fruit Loops

So bright and colorful you could practically taste the food coloring. In addition to being sugary and delicious, Fruit Loops make great craft supplies for those looking to up their macaroni-necklace game to something a little more tempting.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

I never minded eating this one dry, because the sugar and cinnamon coating was so thick it felt like I was just chewing autumn in solid form.

Oreo O’s

There have been multiple petition attempts to get this one back on the market, to no avail. Perhaps someday all of our wildest dreams will come true, but until then we’ll just have to settle for eating regular Oreo cookies for breakfast all the time, every day (stop judging).

Fruity Pebbles

I used to get Fruity Pebbles and Fruit Loops mixed up. I know, I know, I'm a terrible Millennial. Good thing they clarified with Flintstone mascots!

Count Chocula & Frankenberry & Boo Berry

These cereals were a little too scary for my taste. But like, so freaking good.

Berry Berry Kix

You guys, I actually looked for this one earlier this year. You can imagine how sad I was when my local store didn’t have it. However, since then I’ve learned that you can order it from Amazon, so there's still a reason to live.

Reese’s Puffs

My partner still buys this. This is not a joke. We may or may not have a box in our kitchen right now.

Cookie Crisp

I mean, cookies and milk go together anyways, so really they’re just doing us a favor by making it so easy.


Trix was my favorite colorful fruit-flavored cereal, and that ~might~ have something to do with the reason I’ve kept two different rabbits as pets in my lifetime. Just sayin'.