11 Classic Saturday Morning Cartoons You Can Watch On Netflix

There are a lot of great things about being a kid, but sugary cereal and Saturday morning cartoons are a partnership that tops the list. I think all of us can remember clambering out of bed, turning on the TV, and sinking into a binge of our favorite cartoons while we waited for our parents to chug that last cup of coffee. But ever since the decades-old tradition went kaput last year, the next best thing is finding your favorite Saturday morning cartoons to watch on Netflix.

And obviously, that doesn't mean you have to have a kid to enjoy your favorites. There's nothing like a healthy dose of nostalgia with your favorite animated gang. Although some of the classics have been rebooted to reflect the changes in technology and the world, they're still worth checking out. Who didn't want to hang with Ms. Frizzle and her students? Or join Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles to save the world? These 11 Saturday morning cartoons may not all be the originals, but they are available to watch on Netflix whenever you have a hankering for some rot-your-teeth cereal and a cartoon or two. If you've got kids, it's high time you introduced them to these cartoons, too. I hate to sound old AF, but they just don't make 'em like they used to.


'The Magic School Bus'

This was one of those educational cartoons that you didn't realize was teaching you anything until you could talk about the water cycle without ever having read about it in science class. Plus it had a super diverse group of students and Ms. Frizzle killed it with those earrings.


'Curious George'

The Curious George TV shorts from your childhood aren't around anymore, but PBS Kids did reboot the show about our favorite monkey and the Man with the Yellow Hat.


'My Little Pony'

I had about a million of My Little Pony figurines before it became popular, so take that, bronies. Now whether their hair stayed tangle free, I don't know.



Every '90s kid I know is a huge Arthur fan and can still sing the theme song. Let your kids know how cool aardvarks are with this classic.


'Dragon Tales'

The perfect show to sing along with, Dragon Tales was fun, colorful, and went against everything I had read about dinosaurs.



Another reboot of the classic you remember, Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated is still just as wonderful as it always was.


'Garfield And Friends'

I loved Garfield and Friends as much as Garfield loves lasagna. If you never watched it, it's seriously funny and has plenty of jokes I get now as an adult that flew right over my head when I was a kid.


'The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!'

Back when video games were amazing, there was an awesome TV show starring the Mario Brothers. (Why weren't they called the Luigi brothers? Rude.) My brother and I were totally obsessed and I can't wait for my own kid to be like, "These Italian plumbers are the best!"


'Strawberry Shortcake'

Did you have a Strawberry Shortcake doll? Reminisce on the overpowering scent of stale jam with this classic on Netflix.


'The Powerpuff Girls'

The best show ever on Cartoon Network, right? These little badass girls are a favorite for all genders and ages, but I can't wait to show my daughter that girls are more than just sugar and spice and everything nice.


'Sonic The Hedgehog'

Another awesome video game turned TV show, Sonic the Hedgehog took over our '90s televisions in more ways than one. I was fairly terrible at the video game, but I did love the series.

Images: PBS Kids (4); Discovery Family; Warner Bros.; CBS; ABC Family; 20th Century Fox; Cartoon Network; ABC