10 Amazing Makeup Stick Products Because, Let's Be Honest, You're Lazy

Cosmetics trends come and go, but some stick around forever — and makeup sticks seem poised to do just that (no pun intended). Why are makeup sticks so appealing? Maybe it's because they're super easy to apply on-the-go (no brushes required!). Maybe it's because they're particularly fun to use (kind of like glue sticks were so much cooler than glue in a bottle when you were a kid). Maybe it's because so many of them can be used for multiple purposes. Or maybe it's because makeup sticks are totally mess free. Whatever the reason, if you dig these portable products, then you're in luck: There are more than ever to choose from.

Whether you're looking for a foundation that you can toss in your makeup bag without having to worry about it spilling all over the inside of your purse or something you can swipe on your lips and cheeks before you run out the door that will make it look like you spent more than 30 seconds getting ready, there's a stick (or several) out there that's exactly what you need. (It's not that you're lazy, you're just... lazy.) There are even vegan and cruelty-free options! Will you ever use your makeup brushes again?