10 Moms Share The Best Thing They Heard After Giving Birth

Giving birth is a monumental trial that's not to be underestimated. It doesn't matter how you do it; once you do, you're never the same again. You now belong to a group of women who have made and delivered people. However, because a level of pain and discomfort is involved with bringing new life into the world, it can be heartening to hear some words of support, encouragement and congratulations. So, I asked 10 moms to share the best thing they heard after giving birth.

When I gave birth after a traumatic and drama-filled labor, the few moments before my sons first cry seemed to last forever. As a result, the noise coming out of his brand new lungs, the noise that was growing stronger and stronger, was my first indication that he was OK. That will always be the greatest sound I have ever heard, but I have to admit that I have a second favorite post-labor and delivery sound. My husband missed the birth of our child due to a terrible migraine hitting him during the end of my 48 hour labor. So, my second favorite sound after I gave birth, was hearing his excited voice on the phone when I told him we had a healthy baby boy.

We all have moments where every word becomes crystallized in a memory that will undoubtably last us the rest of our lives. Those first few minutes after your precious baby's birth are sure to be of those moments.


"You did it, it's over."


"Hearing 'Your baby is fine' after an emergency C section. It's all I wanted to hear."


"I was relieved to hear there hadn't been any damage. My first labor resulted in third degree tearing."


"My partner was crying and saying she was so proud of me. That made it all worthwhile."


"My nurse told me I could have something to eat and take a shower. That was the best sentence ever uttered!"


"Hearing my baby's cry was like the sweetest music, I cried so hard I think I confused him!"


"When the doctor said 'It's a girl'. We had kept the gender a surprise and it wasn't until I heard those words that I realized how much I really wanted a girl."


"About 10 minutes after I gave birth I heard my husband was being given leave from the Army to come home. This meant everything to me, to have him home again."


"My mom rubbed my head and said, 'Now you sleep.' I felt so safe and secure, handing my baby to her and I got some much-needed rest."


"My best friend knew all my secret birth fears, so right after I delivered my daughter, she gripped my hand and said, 'Congratulations, you didn't poop yourself!' It made me laugh so much!"