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These Are Some Of The Best New Netflix Shows From 2018 To Watch Right Now

Netflix is doing better than ever at rivaling big network TV shows with its original programming. With each new series that pops up in my suggested shows, I'm one step closer to getting nothing productive done because I want to watch them all. And by now, I've already watched and theorized ad nauseam about so many of the best new Netflix series of 2018.

Netflix is known for churning out all kinds of content on a regular basis. For some TV networks, that might mean a decrease in quality. Not so with Netflix. Minus a few missteps, pretty much every new show the streaming platform debuts is better than the last. And with all that new content in 2018, you can only hope that 2019 brings renewals (I'm definitely guilty of googling about a second season before I've finished Season 1).

Whether it's reality TV you're after in the form of a cooking show like Salt Fat Acid Heat (when is Season 2 of this?) or a mysterious horror series like The Haunting of Hill House (same question), Netflix had you covered in 2018. If you're looking for a recap of 2018's best of the best, here is my (totally subjective and correct) best-of list.

The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

The dark reboot of the world's most famous blond teenage witch has already proven itself to be a solid marathon-ready show. Coming from the creators of Riverdale on the CW, expect the same teen drama with a dash of satanic worship. And since Season 2 has already been announced for April, it's definitely here to stay.

The Haunting Of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House is one of those horror TV shows that is legitimately scary and requires a palate cleanser of something like The Office before you go to bed after watching it. But the show's surprisingly nuanced and emotional family drama (mixed with a few jump scares) made this one of my top overall picks for Netflix in 2018.


This off-beat show could simply be a limited series, but since this is Netflix, you never know. Either way, Emma Stone and Jonah Hill killed it together in this trippy 10-episode adventure.

The Staircase

When it premiered early in 2019, true crime docuseries, The Staircase was impossible to look away from — and I'd bet that many of you, like me, watched it all at once. In rehashing the 2001 case of novelist Michael Peterson's wife's suspicious death, the series brings to light many details of the case, perhaps raising more questions than it answers.

Salt Fat Acid Heat

This isn't your typical cooking show and that's a good thing. Chef Samin Nosrat travels to four countries around the world to demonstrate the four principles of good food: salt, fat, acid, and heat.

Dark Tourist

In the same vein, Dark Tourist is a truly unique travel show. New Zealand journalist David Farrier travels to creepy or off-the-wall tourist destinations around the world to learn why people are so drawn to them. I highly recommend Episode 1, where he undertakes the experience of what it's like to cross the border from Mexico into the United States illegally.


If you can get past Michael C. Hall's British accent in Safe, you'll probably be into the mystery surrounding the disappearance of his daughter. It's both a whodunnit and a race against the clock to find her alive.

Narcos: Mexico

First there was Narcos, then in 2018 Narcos: Mexico, was born. Piggybacking off of the first iteration of the show, Narcos: Mexico refocuses the attention on Mexican cartels.

Queer Eye

Reboots don't always work, but Queer Eye, a modern day Queer Eye for the Straight Guy really does. Antoni, Jonathan, Tan, Karamo, and Bobby help men (and sometimes women) from all walks of life master style and confidence. This show may also make you cry.


I still don't know of it holds up against the likes of Futurama, but Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons, developed Disenchantment for Netflix and I've enjoyed it so far. It has the same smart adult humor (without being too vulgar) and its medieval magical premise is something Groening hasn't done before.

I'm not saying you have to hurry up and watch all of these Netflix shows now, but it wouldn't be the worst thing for you. Among the best new Netflix shows of 2018, there's something for almost anyone and I kind of wish I hadn't already watched them all so I too could have a fresh marathon before the new year.

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