10 Of The Cutest Hipster Baby Costumes For Your *Cray Cray* Halloween

There is a very small window of time in your child's life when they don't really have a say regarding their Halloween costume. My daughter's 2-yeas-old and I have a feeling this is the last year I can dress her up without her input, so you can bet I'm going to make this Halloween count. That's exactly why I've been researching the cutest hipster baby costumes, because there's no sense in dressing her up as Frozen's Elsa when she doesn't even get a vote yet. We have many years ahead of us for her to want to be a ballet dancer or superhero or some character from Sesame Street. Until then, I'm going to be annoyingly adamant about what my daughter wears on Halloween, and this year we're going for easy, clever, and adorable.

Which, by the way, is a difficult combo to come by. Cute is easy when kids are little, but clever is a little more difficult to come by when your mini-me is, well, mini. Thankfully, these eight hipster baby costumes are cute, clever, and easy to put together with minimal DIY skills required. You can put assemble most of these costumes with just a little face paint and regular kids' clothes. In other words, you can leave the felt and glue at home if that's not your style, and my friends: that is the Halloween dream when you're a parent. Easy? Clever? Adorable? Check, check, and check.

But don't forget, once you've chosen the perfect hipster baby costume, you've got to have the perfect hipster parent costume to match! So while you wax nostalgic and think trendy thoughts in regards to your own costume, here are a few options you can consider for your little one this year. YOLO, right?

Podcast Aficionado

Fringe boots for $26 from Kohl's, toddler NPR shirt for $29 from, green jeans for $14 from H&M, kids glasses for $10 from Walmart

How sweet is this little one? And you basically need to buy zero things. Just whip out a hair band and some fake glasses and you've got a miniature hipster podcast aficionado on your hands, ready to trick-or-treat.

Tattooed Hipster

Temporary tattoos for $12 from Walmart, kids glasses for $10 from Walmart, button down shirt for $10 from Burlington Coat Factory, grey skinny jeans for $20 from H&M

Now, I might opt for a bottle of hipster soda rather than a craft brew, just for the sake of that one neighbor who's bound to kick up a fuss. But what kid wouldn't want to slap on a whole sleeve of faux tattoos before going out trick-or-treating? Just don't forget the man bun, my friend.

Instagram Hipster

Kids tattoo shirt for $25 on Etsy, plaid shirt for $5.50 from Gymboree, sweater vest for $18 at Gap, kids glasses for $10 from Walmart

The rolled-sleeve button-down is key to this version of the hipster look, complete with a little Instax camera. And the beset part? Well, your kiddo will possibly capture some really fun moments over the course of the night or party. So, you know, memories.

Sock Monkey Kid

Sock monkey costume, $54.99 from Chasing Fireflies

How about a hipster baby toy costume, like the ultra-traditional sock monkey? This would be another perfect costume for those of you who live in a cold weather climate, adding an automatic bundled layer to your babe and keeping them from getting chilly on Halloween night.

Mommy Blogger

Black leggings for $4 from Target, moccasins for $18 from Gap, graphic tee for $7 from Kohl's, empty Starbucks cup

If you're a mom blogger, is there a cuter costume for your little girl than a mom blogger costume? No, dear reader. The answer is no. The computer might be a little cumbersome to bring around to various houses while your little one is busy trick-or-treating, but throw it in a tote and you've got a mom blogger en route to the coffee shop!

Hipster Pig

Plush hipster pig costume, $39.99 from Party City

I'm not entirely sure that a bow tie and glasses fully makes a costume "hipster," but this plush hipster pig costume from Party City is downright adorable anyway. Bonus points: it will be cozy and warm if you're trick-or-treating in a chilly spot this year!

Miniature Bob Ross

Chambray shirt for $18 from Gap, bootcut jeans for $10 from OshKosh, brown wig for $15 from Amazon, brown face paint for $8.50 from Amazon, frame from your local thrift store, canvas panel for $3 from Michael's, artist palette for $8 from Michael's

What hipster doesn't love a little Bob Ross? In fact, he might have been one of the original inspirations for hipsters. A costume this simple is hard to beat, and if you really want to go for the gold this year, you can have your kid paint their own little Halloween candy satchel.

Baby Sushi

Zip front one-piece for $12 from Old Navy, Freshly Picked gold moccasins for $60 at Saks Fifth Avenue, green shower pouf for $7 from Amazon, pillow stuffing for $9 at Walmart, orange and white chevron striped fabric for $6 from, black stretchy fabric for $5 from, white elastic for $2 from Etsy

Find the tutorial for the headband and sushi pillow at Really Risa.

If you're looking for a hipster costume, why not consider some hipster food? Turn your little one into your favorite sushi roll for Halloween with this really simple costume from blogger Really Risa. Love that ginger and wasabi hair bow!

Little Lumberjack Hipster

Jeans with suspenders for $24 at H&M, brown beanie for $8 from BuyBuyBaby, plaid flannel shirt for $14.40 from Kohl's, work boots for $26 from

What do you get when you take a lumberjack and subtract the axe? A hipster. And a darn cute one at that. Suspenders, beanie, flannel shirt, and you're good to go.

Donut Lover

Tan felt for $2.40 at Joann Fabric, colorful felt for $2.40 at Joann Fabric, felt sheets for $12.99 at Target, glue gun for $4 at Amazon, pillow stuffing for $9 at Walmart, onesie and booties your baby already has!

Find the tutorial for the Donut costume at Atkinson Drive.

What hipster doesn't love donuts? This one will take a little more DIY prowess, but it's still totally doable. Just make sure your kid isn't old enough to quite know what a donut is, or else you're going to have to bring a dozen with you on your Halloween adventures, too.

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