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These 10 Online Breastfeeding Resources Are Totally Free & Trustworthy

Having an infant means having a lot of questions in general, and if you're also trying to breastfeed those questions just multiply. Frantic Googling can lead you down a rabbit hole of information that may not be legitimate when you're looking for online breastfeeding resources. But, with all you have going on, you might not have the time to sort through endless search results to find the sites that are credible.

There are plenty of well-meaning mommy sites on the internet that are full of helpful information. However, a lot of them are based on one person's experience with breastfeeding. And just like every pregnancy, labor, and baby is different, everyone's breastfeeding journey is unique as well. Relying on websites that are backed by professionals, research, or even crowd-sourcing gives you a better chance of finding information or advice that is useful to your situation.

If mommy groups and blogs work for you, that's great! But, if you're not finding the answers you need or feeling more discouraged because something isn't working for you, there are other resources that may give you what you're looking for. Here are nine (free!) websites that offer credible advice and information that is evidence or research-based.


Evidence-Based Information

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KellyMom has tons of information for breastfeeding moms and all of it is evidence-based, so any advice based on experience is backed up with credible medical information on the topic. They make it clear that they are not a substitute for in-person care and/or counseling, but it's a good starting point.


How-To Videos & Information Sheets

Breastfeeding Inc. was started by an IBCLC with a wealth of knowledge (and an impressive CV). The website isn't as robust as a lot of others, but the videos and info sheets are succinct, educational, and not full of fluff.


Content From Experts All Over The World

Most breastfeeding moms (and even non-breastfeeding moms) have probably heard of La Leche League. It's a global organization that is most commonly known for connecting breastfeeding moms to each other as sources of support. However, the website itself has a lot of great informational content if a group setting isn't for you.


How to Shop For Nursing Bra (& More)

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Ask Dr. Sears is a fantastic resource for breastfeeding moms in general, but it also has particularly useful information on nursing bras. You can learn how the bra should fit/feel on your body, what kind of opening works best, what kind of fabric to look for, and more. There are so many nursing bras on the market that it can be overwhelming and this information will help you narrow down your search significantly.


Straight From Medical Providers

You've likely come across at some point when you were frantically Googling something about your child. It's an organization associated with the American Academy of Pediatrics offering a wide range of guidance in general childhood development, but it also has a section of the website that focuses on content for breastfeeding moms.


Comparing Pumps & Purchasing Through Insurance

Acelleron is a medical equipment supplier that allows people to buy specialty devices like nebulizers and breast pumps through their healthcare insurance providers. They have a huge selection of breast pumps from various manufacturers and their customer service team can help you pick the right one and facilitate your purchase through your insurance company.


Advice From A Leading Organization

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Health care professionals at Johns Hopkins have contributed to a variety of articles specifically for helping and educating breastfeeding moms. The information is in-depth but still approachable (you don't need a medical degree to understand it) and can be used throughout various stages of breastfeeding.


On Picking The Right Pump For Yourself

Finding the right breast pump for yourself can be intimidating, especially to first time moms who plan to breastfeed and/or pump. Consumer Reports has an informational page that teaches you what to look for in a pump, weighs the pros and cons of different styles of breast pumps, provides information on proper cleaning techniques, and even has workplace tips. Note this page is no longer updated on a regular basis, but the general information is still accurate.


Information From Doctors Across The Globe

Some of the best medical information on the planet comes from the World Health Organization (WHO), and breastfeeding is no exception. WHO has an entire database of information for breastfeeding moms such as informational data, how-to's, medically reviewed research findings, and more.


A Network Of Support

The Office on Women's Health (OWH) is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and serves to address women's health issues such as breastfeeding. On the OWH website, you'll find answers to questions such as "What health professionals help with breastfeeding?" and "What federal programs are available to help with breastfeeding?" Plus, the Office on Women's Health Helpline is staffed with breastfeeding peer counselors who can help you to work through lactation challenges in both English and Spanish.