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10 Online Exercise & Yoga Kid Classes To Make Up For P.E.

Keeping your kids inside all day during the coronavirus pandemic is easier said than done. While you may be able to get outdoors some, you will also want to have a few physical activities kids can do indoors on the agenda like online exercise videos and yoga practices for kids.

Kids need to move their bodies, get the wiggles out, and burn off some of that pent-up energy, especially if they're out of their normal daily routine. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that school-aged kids and adolescents get at least 60 minutes of vigorous exercise daily for the sake of their overall physical health and well-being. Although the CDC also now recommends practicing social distancing and staying home in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, your kids can still get in plenty of exercise right in your living room thanks to an array of online exercise and yoga videos.

The need for kids to get up and move their bodies is a crucial part of every single day, and not just while you're cooped up at home together for the foreseeable future. This list of kids' exercise videos is also perfect for rainy days and snow days once the pandemic passes.


Cosmic Kids Yoga

Specifically designed for kids ages 3 and up to engage in mindfulness and yoga practices, Cosmic Kids Yoga offers a variety of videos that your kids can follow along with at home. Videos are sorted by age and activity level, so you can choose from an easy beginner-level video for little kids or high-energy yoga videos for older kids. Your kids can also move along with dance videos and participate in short brain breaks to help shake up your daily routine.


Jack Hartman Music Channel

My son's kindergarten teacher sent all of her students links to several YouTube videos by Jack Hartmann that incorporate both learning and exercise for kids. She uses them in her classroom and the kids absolutely love them. Some of our favorites are "Exercise, Rhyme, and Freeze" and "Let's Get Fit, Count to 100" — my 5-year-old son is literally doing the latter as I type this.



GoNoodle was recommended by my 7-year-old son's second grade teacher as a great way to break up our long days inside and get kids moving. This YouTube channel features a plethora of silly videos that kids love to move along with. Whether they're dancing along to songs from Trolls or doing an actual workout like their Fresh Start Fitness Collection, GoNoodle videos will keep your kids active.


The Body Coach

The YouTube channel for The Body Coach offers a variety of exercise videos for kids. Each video is pretty short — five to eight minutes each — so kids won't get bored. Several of the videos feature kids working out alongside The Body Coach, which is highly entertaining for kids and can help keep them engaged. They can complete the videos one at a time or choose a few to do in a row for a longer workout session.


Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga's YouTube channel features several yoga videos for kids that are super zen and calming. These videos focus a lot on mindfulness and flexibility and utilize fun visuals for kids to help them understand the practice. Whether they're stretching like a rainbow or being brave like a dinosaur, kids will love following along with Alo Yoga's soothing videos.



Moovelee videos are perfect for toddlers who need to stretch and move while stuck at home. Friendly animated monkeys guide little ones through video workouts based on yoga and meditation practices, as well as more traditional workout skills like running and stretching. Kids can follow along with videos about superhero yoga or dodge the monsters in order to keep their body moving.


Family Fun Cardio

This 13-minute-long exercise video by Popsugar Fitness is aimed at getting the entire family to move together. Kids and adults can follow along and do jumping jacks, squats, and more while focusing on working out as a family. Although the video itself is relatively short, your kids can practice the skills learned within the video long after it's over.


Yoga Ed

The Yoga Ed YouTube channel features multiple video yoga workouts for children and teens. Videos range from 10 to 30 minutes in length. Some videos focus on yoga practices for specific topics like communication and self-awareness, while others offer general practices for kids of all ages. Each video features kids themselves demonstrating each movement, making it is easy for kids to follow along with at home.


Little Sports

The kids workout videos by Little Sports are fun, engaging, and easy for kids to follow along with on their own. Each video is approximately 15 minutes long and teaches kids a variety of exercises to do at home including stretches, standing exercises, cardio moves, and more.


Kidz Bop Dance Along

When all else fails, dancing along with a Kidz Bop video totally counts as exercise. Your kids can sing, dance, and burn off extra energy to kid-friendly versions of popular songs like "Old Town Road" and "Truth Hurts" following along with the dance moves of the Kidz Bop kids.

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