Target Has So Many Snacks For Breastfeeding Moms & Your Life Just Got Way Easier

Breastfeeding hunger is real. Moms don't just "get a little hungry," you get hangry, and Heaven help anyone who comes between you and your snack. You've likely found yourself brushing crumbs off your baby's sleeping form more than once, or as they suck what feels like every calorie you've ever consumed out of your breast via your milk. Luckily, it's easy to find healthy snacks to keep you full and boost your milk production. There are even lots of great snacks for breastfeeding moms you probably didn't realize you could buy at Target (otherwise known as your second home).

Great snacks for breastfeeding do one or more of a few things. They can help increase your supply if you need it, they give you a boost of energy, they keep you full, and (last but not least) they can be eaten with one hand. If you're trying to produce more milk, anecdotal research suggests that foods containing fenugreek, oats, chickpea, papaya, ginger, certain spices, and garlic may help, as per The Kitchn. These foods are known as galactagogues. (Pumpkin is another option, which is a great excuse to eat all the pumpkin bars and scones and pies that come your way!) Otherwise, it's a balance between staying full, doing it fast, and keeping up your energy at the same time. The San Francisco Gate's Healthy Eating blog noted that it's best to focus on whole foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, protein, and dairy, which not only give you energy, but keep you full. However, we all know those aren't always readily or easily available, so I've tried to find the next best thing... which, honestly, is like most of parenting. Efficiency and health are always in a delicate balance.


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