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10 Personalized Easter Baskets For Every Easter Style

If you live in the South, monogramming and personalizing stuff is life, y'all. We love our monogrammed mugs, t-shirts, blankets, stuffed animals, towels, pillows, trucks, wreaths, koozies, and of course Easter baskets — among many other things. I'm really not sure why it's a thing. My dad is a "yankee" and I get a lot of my traits from him, so maybe that's why I don't really jump on this bandwagon. But I just might this year for personalized Easter baskets.

It will be my son's first Easter this year, and we will definitely be getting down on some Easter Bunny and egg hunts. I'm so excited. I know he's only 9 months old and he won't remember his first Easter, but we will and will have pictures to show him when he's older. How cute will he look sitting next to his own personalized Easter basket that he'll get to keep forever? Swoon. While you used to have to get your "Memaw and your Mama n' em" to sew monograms and names on stuff, now there are a lot of places that will do it for you and ship it to your house. Thank god, since nobody in my family knows how to stitch or sew. (I know that makes us bad southerners.) These are just too darn cute and way better than anything I could ever do, even if I knew how to sew.