10 Reasons Being Sleep-Deprived Is Weirdly The Best Part Of Being A New Mom

The hardest thing that new moms generally have to deal with (besides, you know, taking care of a new life) is lack of sleep. Being sleep-deprived when you have a new baby comes with all sorts of challenges, not the least of which is just functioning on a very basic level.

There's no question that long-term sleep deprivation can negatively impact your life in a myriad of ways. Obviously, this is not a state we want to remain in, but often we don't have much of a choice. Maybe you've got a huge project looming at work; perhaps you've been traveling; perchance you just had a new baby. Not to scare all you new moms out there, but I've been a parent for four years now (two kids), and I think the only truly sound sleeps I've gotten during those years have been when I've been away from both kids. So there's that.

But let's look on the bright side!

The awesome thing about being constantly sleep-deprived is that you now have an excuse for pretty much anything that you do wrong. Pretty sweet, right? Your turn to clean the cat litter? "Oh honey, the baby was up EVERY. HOUR. last night! Do you mind doing it this time?" What's your partner going to say? Exactly. (Although hopefully they were up taking their turn with your kid. If not, they definitely get to clean the cat litter.)

So take a moment and embrace all the good parts about being sleep-deprived. Because if you don't, you'll find yourself crying into your third cup of cold coffee. Again.

You Can Get Away With Saying Anything

Everyone knows that your filter disappears when you're exhausted. Now's your chance to tell your mom that those curtains are really godawful, and then blame it on being overly tired if she reacts poorly. (Hey, she might thank you.)

Coffee, Coffee, And More Coffee

You can make yourself a few stellar cups of coffee at home, but it's perfectly OK for you to get the fancy-pants, sugary-sweet kind. Because you deserve it.

Lower Expectations On Housework

What's the saying? "Sleep when the baby sleeps?" Great idea! Unfortunately, that I don't have time to clean up the living room because I have to catch up on sleep... Oh well. So sad.

Lower Expectations On Cooking

Now is the perfect time to order in your favorite meals. And if it's starts getting too pricey, no one is going to judge you for having cereal for dinner a few nights in a row.

You Can Fall Asleep Way Faster Than You Used To

I remember back in my pre-kid days, it used to take me forever to fall asleep! I would read for at least an hour before feeling settled enough to turn out the light. I'm still a night owl, but it generally takes me about two pages of reading before my eyelids droop, and they stay that way for as long as my kids will let them.

You Can Fall Asleep Anywhere Now

God, I used to be so picky about how and where I fell asleep. Uncomfortable bed? Tossing and turning all night. Someone breathing in my ear (even my husband)? Earplugs were necessary. Now I just need to be sort of horizontal and I'm good to go.

Caring About Your Appearance Moves Down The Priority List

Seriously, who cares if you're still wearing your pajamas? Or whether you've brushed your hair? This is about survival, not looking good.

Avoiding Exercise

Yeah, yeah, I know exercising is good for you, and ultimately we should all be moving our bodies. Let's be real, though: It's nice to have an excuse, at least for a little while.

You Will Never Take Sleep For Granted Again

Ever. For the rest of your life. I promise.

Someone May Actually Offer To Help Out So You Can Sleep

I'd like to know any other time in your adult life when this is a thing? Seriously, it's a pretty awesome situation to be in. Well, besides the part where you really do need that extra help so you can sleep. That, I've just realized, is the ultimate dream: Not being horrifically sleep-deprived, with a team of people around offering to help keep your life on track while you sleep anyway.