Skip The Mistletoe & Stream These Sexy Shows On Netflix This Holiday Season

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If you've been married as long as I have, it's easy to find yourself in a sexual funk — especially during this busy time of year. It's no fun, and it's not great for your marriage, so why not start getting creative? I've found 10 sexy shows on Netflix to get you in the mood this holiday season, or at least put the ideas for "Netflix and chill" somewhere closer to the forefront of your mind.

There are actually a lot more sexy options on Netflix than you might imagine... mostly because they're not the ones that show up on your suggested list. I mean, it would be strange if you turned on Netflix to watch a movie with your kids, and oops — there's a bouncing pair of buns right there in the preview box. You might get some questions from your kids that you're not yet prepared to answer. Or imagine if your mother was in the room? Do you remember watching movies when you were a kid and a sexy scene would start? That's easily the worst ever. Nope, these shows are all safely tucked into their TV-MA home on Netflix for you to find on your own.

Also, I noticed a theme in the scores in the previews of many foreign sexy shows — single-hand piano play. Makes you wonder where that other hand is, doesn't it? Of course, Netflix (and this list) have more than artsy foreign films when it comes to steamy stuff... there's plenty of intimate inspiration to be found in everything from TV comedies to mini-series and more. Let your mood be your guide!


'Home For Christmas'

This Swedish holiday-themed series is adorable, and very sexy. 30-year-old Johanne returns home for Advent, and her family immediately begins to harp upon her single status, believing she must be lonely and depressed. Don't worry about her, though, because she is far from lonely, if you get my meaning.


'Spartacus: Blood and Sand'

There is a whole Pornhub channel dedicated to this show. If that's not a rousing endorsement for how sexy a show it is, I don't know what is.

Seriously, though. This show is excellent even if you fast forward through the sexy scenes, but why would you?



Based on the books by Diana Gabaldon, Outlander is one of the sexiest shows on television. It is remarkably feminist in its portrayal of female pleasure, which is wonderful all on its own. But when you add in the terrific story, rich history, and the chemistry between the actors, it's darn near perfect.


'The Tudors'

Make no mistake, Henry VIII was a completely garbage human being with no respect for the lives of women, but this show is incredibly sexy. You could "boo" through all of the King's scenes, and still have plenty of enthusiasm for the scenes of his best friend, played by Henry Cavill.



I was obsessed with this show when it premiered, and I eagerly watched every episode. Sens8 is very sexy, with every sort of pairing (or orgy) imaginable, but the core of the show is so exquisite, you'll be hard pressed not to be sucked in for a binge.


'Beauty and the Beast'

This show was so, so corny, but I loved every minute. A military experiment goes wrong and turns the main character beastly. But it's OK, because he finds someone to love him anyway. The show was sweetly steamy, but the love story is what will get you every time. Sure, if you have been to New York City even once, you'll have to work hard to suspend your disbelief as they are clearly not filming in NYC even though that's supposedly where this show is happening, but hey, it's already a fantasy.



Who knew dystopian fantasy about evil water creatures walking on land could be so unaccountably sexy? I did not expect that at all from Tidelands on Netflix, but it is hotter than hot. Also terrifying, so you'll want to hold your partner tight while watching.



True story: I only just started watching Scandal. I know it was a huge sensation on television, but as I loathe commercial breaks, and my kids are known to watch whatever is on my DVR, I held out for it to be on Netflix.

You guys, I was an idiot. This show is fantastic and sexy as heck.


'Wynona Earp'

Wynona Earp has a huge cult following, and for good reason. It plays against most stereotypes, and manages to be heartfelt, energetic, and sexy all at the same time.


'Wu Assassins'

If you like your sexiness served with a heaping helping of campy goodness, than Wu Assassins is for you. It's the silliest of shows, but it's hot and funny, which is kind of the best.

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