9 Sexy Netflix Movie Scenes That Are Better Than Porn

The next time you need inspiration for some solo love, check out an unexpected source: Netflix. Sure, the site might not have an official adult video section, but there are some pretty hot films on its streaming service if you know where to look. The sexy Netflix scenes that are perfect for self-love will make you hit the "still watching" button again and again.

Finding the steamy films on Netflix requires a little digging, partly because the site categorizes its films to an obsessive degree. In fact, there are over 76,000 micro-genres on Netflix, according to Tech Times. The genres range from spy thrillers to showbiz musicals, and you can bet there's a specific steamy section. The steamy Netflix selection has a wide range of titles, so this curated list can help you narrow the choices. From giant Hollywood blockbusters to heartfelt foreign films, these movies have one thing in common: the ability to get your mojo going.

Set the scene however you like. Light some candles, open a bottle of wine, and cue up the beloved entertainment site. Whether you're in the mood for something sweet, subtle, or downright dirty, Netflix delivers. Plus, there's no arguments about what to watch during solo time. It's all about you.


'The Canyons' — The Couch Encounter

The characters in The Canyons may be consumed by ennui, but they know how to get down. It's Lindsay Lohan and James Deen, so what more do you need to know? Turn on the couch scene and enjoy.


'Y Tu Mama Tambien' — The Dance Sequence

No sexy movie list is complete without this film. Y Tu Mama Tambien has some absolutely gorgeous shots, but the sensual dance scene and the one that follows are definitely worth studying. It has a little something for everyone.


'Basic Instinct' — The Detective Interview

It's throwback time. A '90s classic, Basic Instinct has that famous leg-crossing interrogation scene from Sharon Stone. She's powerful AF in this film.


'Fifty' — The Back Massage

Exploring themes of love, lust, and power in Lagos, Fifty is a spellbinding film. Plus, that back massage bit is hot as hell. (Spoiler: it doesn't stop at massage.)


'Kiss Me' — The Woodland Kiss Scene

A 2011 film, Kiss Me follows characters Mia and Frida, thrown together by their parents' engagement, and the unexpected romance that results. Check out the kissing scene in the woods. It will leave you breathless.


'Chambermaid' — Lynn & Chiara

This story of a shy, voyeuristic hotel maid and a dominatrix is explored in a sensitive way in The Chambermaid. But the scenes with characters Lynn and Chiara together get rough in all the right ways. You may never look at hotel beds the same way again.


'Amorous' — Foursome Scene

Of course a film about polyamory has plenty of sexiness. But in Amorous, the foursome sequence is especially hot. Little is left to the imagination.


'Starlet' — The Hardcore Scene

Starlet is a sweet film that follows the growing friendship between 20-something Jane and the much older Sadie. This sounds like a run-of-the-mill indie flick, but Jane is also an adult film actress. The scene that follows her to work is bold and intense.


'Magic Mike' — The Pony Dance

Sure, it's an obvious choice, but Magic Mike deserves a mention. Almost any scene would work, but the combination of a Genuwine song with Channing Tatum's moves is pure perfection. Pretend you're in the club with a roll of singles.

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