10 Sexy Shows On Netflix To Get You In The Mood This Holiday Season, Because Mistletoe Doesn't Always Cut It


I've been married for a long time, and most of the time I think my husband is sex on a stick and can't wait to put the kids to bed. But sometimes, I'm just worn out and not up for it. Most of the time that's A-OK, but sometimes, I just need a little "nudge." Especially this time of year. I'm a graduate student on top of working as a writer, so between Christmas and finals, I'm tapped. You might be, too. Getting creative, I've found 10 sexy shows on Netflix to get you in the mood this holiday season.

There are actually a lot more sexy options on Netflix than you might imagine... mostly because they're not the ones that show up on your suggested list. I mean, it would be strange if you turn on Netflix to watch a movie with your kids, and oops! There's a bouncing pair of buns right there in the preview box. You might get some questions from your kids that you're not yet prepared to answer. Or imagine if your mother was in the room? Do you remember watching movies when you were a kid and a sexy scene would start? That's easily the worst ever. Nope, these shows movies are all safely tucked into their TV-MA home on Netflix for you to find on your own.

Also, I noticed a theme in the scores in the previews of many foreign sexy movies -- single hand piano play. Makes you wonder where that other hand is, doesn't it? Of course, Netflix (and this list) have more than artsy foreign films when it comes to steamy stuff... there's plenty of intimate inspiration to be found in everything from TV comedies to mini-series and more. Let your mood be your guide!

1. 'The Client List'

The Client List (2010) - Trailer on YouTube

Consider this a warm up. It's very lightly steamy, and it has a fantastic storyline, but there's enough action that it doesn't leave you hanging. This mini-series is based on a true story about a prostitution scandal in Odessa, Texas, and originally aired on Lifetime. It's fun and sexy and sweet.

2. 'Blue Is The Warmest Color'

Sundance Now on YouTube

Director Abdellatif Kechiche takes viewers on a beautifully sexy journey in this Cannes favorite. The movie is a sexual bildungsroman of Adele (Adèle Exarchopoulos) and shows her developing relationship with another woman after being with only guys. Yes, this movie is totally sexy and very explicit, but it's gorgeous to watch, and definitely will put you in some kind of mood, that's for sure.

3. 'Indiscretion'

Indiscretion on YouTube

Mira Sorvino takes advantage of a weekend with her family away and has a fling with a hot younger man. Her husband, played by Cary Elwes of Princess Bride, is a politician and she's feeling as though she's lost herself. (Well, she finds a part of herself in New Orleans with a really good looking artist.)

4. 'Love'

Blog de Cine Indie on YouTube

If we're being honest, Gaspar Noé's Love is a really great movie that is spliced with very explicit porn. It's as stunning as you'd expect from Noé, and richly told. It's an entire experience in a few hours, but it's also one of the sexiest porno movies I've ever seen. There's a lot in this one, and I'm not going to lie, I had to look away at some points.

5. 'Nymphomaniac: Vol. 1 & 2'

Transmission Films on YouTube

Oh, Lars Von Trier, you never cease to shock me. Somehow, Nymphomaniac is both sexy and absolutely terrifying. Stellan Skarsgard and Shia LeBeouf both shine in this weird, sexy movie duology.

Like Love, and Blue is The Warmest Color, this film features unsimulated sex, so prepare thyself. There are unflaccid weiners. Everywhere.

6. 'Newness'

Movieclips Trailers on YouTube

Nicholas Hoult and Laia Costa will set your iPad on fire with this film that follows a young couple as they struggle to keep the passion in their relationship. A pharmacist and a physical therapist don't seem like the obvious choice for a couple willing to explore exhibitionism, threesomes, and even more entertaining fantasies, but man, do they ever have chemistry.

7. 'Adore'

Movieclips Coming Soon on YouTube

This one is not quite as scandalous as the Von Trier film, but it's darned close. Naomi Watts and Robin Wright Penn fall for each other's sons in this twisted sexy film. I swear, they're totally of-age and more than consenting. Is it weird? Absolutely, but it works.

8. 'God's Own Country'

BritFlicks.Com on YouTube

This is a supremely beautiful forbidden love story between two sheep farmers. It has some of the sexiest scenes I've ever watched, but dang is it also just really good. So you might also sob. Sometimes I sob after sex, too, but mostly that's just because one of my children woke up before I hit the end zone. It happens.

9. 'The Feels'

Movieclips Indie on YouTube

If you're straight and ever wondered what it is that you're missing, this would be the movie to show you just that. It's also sexy for everyone (I don't care where you fall on the Kinsey Scale). It's not explicit in the least, but there's an incredible amount of tension throughout the film. It's a new side of Constance Wu for fans of Crazy Rich Asians.

10. 'Californication'


It's a classic for a reason. David Duchovny's portrayal of a man with a certain level of appetite is funny, and sexy and totally binge-worthy.

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