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10 Soothing Children's Books That Adults Should Read, Too

With the world seemingly going off the rails, everyone could use some reassuring and soothing. While a Netflix and chill session is always a great idea for unplugging and relaxing, soothing children's books can do wonders for the entire family's anxiety. You don't even have to have kids to read one of these sweet stories and feel yourself relax.

Now this list isn't full of "self-help" type books or resource books (which could be useful, too), but they're beautifully illustrated books about family, emotions, home, doing the right thing, looking out for others, and being thankful for what you have. All things we should be focusing on whenever there's a scary moment in life, right? There's just something incredibly soothing about a stack of picture books, and when the story is just as lovely as the illustrations, it's like a giant wave of relief for your mind. Escaping into another world — who wouldn't want that right now?

The list here has something for everyone, so if you're just wanting to fill your kid's bookshelf or trying to expand your own children's literature reading, you'll find something perfect. They can all be ordered online for a safe delivery option, too.

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‘Let’s Go Home’ by Cynthia Rylant & Wendy Anderson Halperin

Let's Go Home is a beautiful book reminding all of us why home can be so comforting, safe, and special. It talks about the best features of each room in the house, like the "kitchen with its wonderful aromas and goodies," or the "cozy bedroom when you are snuggling deep under the covers on winter mornings." Hey, maybe being stuck at home isn't so horrible after all? Let's take a moment to appreciate it.


‘In a Jar’ by Deborah Marcero

This book is adorable, full of whimsy, and definitely calming. In a Jar is a story about soaking up and collecting all of life's little moments to remember them and cherish them in a jar.


‘Last Stop on Market Street’ by Matt de la Peña & Christian Robinson

A slight nod in reminding you how social distancing actually works, Last Stop on Market Street centers around "CJ" who, like a lot of children, wants what he doesn't have. He complains to his grandma that they don't have a car, he doesn't have an iPod, the city is ugly, etc., until they arrive at a soup kitchen. His grandma's lesson about finding beauty in anything is an important reminder that you should be grateful for what you have, and the importance of helping others.


‘The Grouchy Ladybug’ by Eric Carle

I think we can all take a little advice from The Grouchy Ladybug right now, guys. I know I can. Eric Carle's art is so distinctive, fun, and abstract, and you and your kid will love looking at all the whimsical paintings of the animals you'll imitate if you get hugs and kisses — even though you're a grouchy ladybug. If you get hugs and kisses, you'll "smile like a crocodile," "clap like a seal," "blush like a chameleon," and more. "So remember, even a grouchy ladybug needs hugs and kisses, too!"


‘Love’ by Matt de la Peña & Loren Long

Another gorgeously written book that uses soothing language by Matt de la Peña, Love talks about all the ways we can experience and show love — something important and positive to think about during a crazy time of uncertainty.


‘Too Much Noise’ by Ann McGovern & Simms Taback

Boy, I bet many parents — especially of multiple children — can relate to the title of Too Much Noise at the moment. This story will teach everyone about perspective and how perhaps your "too-noisy house" isn't as bad of a problem as you may think — it could be a lot worse.


‘Puppy Mind’ by Andrew Jordan Nance & Jim Durk

When a young boy realizes his mind is like a puppy in Puppy Mind, he begins to try to "train" his mind to focus on the present moment through remembering to breathe. An important reminder for us all. There's also a discussion guide and link for parents if you need one.


‘The Rabbit Listened’ by Cori Doerrfeld

Maybe your family has experienced heartbreak during this time — whether through loss or just a big life change. The Rabbit Listened is an emotional book about empathy and kindness, and maybe it can potentially help y'all get through it.

When something sad happens to Taylor, he doesn't know what to do, so he asks all of his animals. In a story of Goldilocks, he realizes each animal he tries to talk to doesn't have advice that's quite right — until he finds the rabbit.


‘Quiet’ by Tomie dePaola

Tomie dePaola reminds us in Quiet just how busy life can be and how it's important sometimes to "just be" and sit and enjoy life for what it is. Talk about a timely book.


‘Here and Now’ by Julia Denos & E.B. Goodale

Here and Now focuses on just that — the here and now. It's a book about mindfulness and slowing down to enjoy each and every moment.