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10 Strappy Sandals Under $30 That Are Too Cute *Not* To Buy

Sandal season is finally here at last, which is great news for anyone who can't stand having to wear socks and/or loves having an excuse to get pedicures. There's just something about trading socks and supportive soles for open toes and flirty straps that makes you feel so carefree (maybe because it's the closest we can get to being barefoot in respectable society?). Whatever the reason, you really can't have too many sandals, especially because most styles aren't exactly designed for long-term wear. Luckily, there are so many strappy sandals under $30 this summer that you're going to want a pair for every day of the week.

From shiny metallics to tropical brights to earthy neutrals that are perfect for everyday, it seems you somehow end up owning more sandals in life than any other kind of footwear... in part because, well, it's way easier to find a pair of sandals for less than 30 bucks than it is to find a pair of boots on sale or even reasonable running shoes. Sandals are almost more like an accessory than legit shoes: Sort of in the same way as jewelry, they can complement an outfit or add a style statement all their own. (And just think of how many pairs of earrings you have in your possession!)

Looking to dress up a casual outfit? In need of a pair of comfy sandals you can wear anywhere and everywhere? Whatever your sandal needs, there's something on this list that's guaranteed to work for you... and your budget.

1Jana Braided Thong Ankle Strap Sandal

Jana Braided Thong Ankle Strap Sandal from Universal Thread


Also available in black, cognac (brown), and pink, these fun flats go just as well with a sundress as they do with jeans or shorts. Plus, the footbed and thong strap are cushioned for maximum comfort (minimum blisters).

2Braided Lace-Up Sandals

Braided Lace-Up Sandals

Forever 21

Also available in olive and black, these cool and classic sandals are appropriate for just about any warm weather occasion (and they won't give your feet super weird tan lines).

3T-Strap Sandals

T-Strap Sandals


A sunny addition to any outfit, these super affordable sandals from H&M are also available in black and light pink. At this price, maybe get a pair in every color?

4Wrapped-Thread Slingback Sandals

Wrapped-Thread Slingback Sandals

Old Navy

Summertime is the right time to add as much color to your wardrobe as possible, and these sandals are an ideal way to do just that. People will assume you got these as a souvenir while vacationing someplace with authentic jungle vibes. Whether or not you admit they're from Old Navy is up to you...

5Cleo Wrap Sandal

Cleo Wrap Sandal

Urban Outfitters

Originally $39, these versatile leather sandals (also on sale in black and brown) are over half off right now, so snap them up before they're gone!

6Toe Ring Ankle Wrap Sandal

AEO Toe Ring Ankle Wrap Sandal

American Eagle Outfitters

Now marked down from $35, these sturdy but delicate sandals are perfect with a pair of jeans and a summery top... or, honestly, just about almost anything in your closet.

7Dream Pairs Juuly Flat Sandals

Dream Pairs Juuly Flat Sandals


With heels that zip up, these sandals are sure to stay put (unlike some strappy numbers that look adorable but have a tendency to go flying off your feet mid-step). They also come in wide range of colors (including metallics), though the red is definitely a stand-out option.

8Sandalup Tie up Ankle Strap Flat Sandals

Sandalup Tie up Ankle Strap Flat Sandals


If sandal straps that cut into your feet and leave angry marks are a pet peeve, the soft flannel straps on these babies will come as quite a relief. Check them out in black and navy blue, too.

9Giselle Flat Sandal

Giselle Flat Sandal


Dress up a t-shirt and cutoffs with these rose gold flats, currently marked down from $30. (Great for fancier outfits, too!)

10Flat Strappy Sandal

Flat Strappy Sandal


Kate Middleton loves Zara, as everyone knows, so it's safe to assume that she would totally wear these sandals, right? They're everything a strappy sandal should be, and they happen to be on sale (regular price: $26). Also available in green.