10 Struggles Every Mom With A Fearless Kid Knows All Too Well

Before I'm able to even finish my latest sentence of concerned protest, my youngest son has jumped off, yet another, chair and landed abruptly on our hardwood floor. He squeals (because hardwood floors aren't exactly known for breaking falls) and I get up and proceed with my now-routine, tried-and-true consoling method of hugs and kisses and coddles. At this point I'll take a broken spirit over broken bones or child concussions, one of the many struggles every mom with a fearless kid knows all too well.

A fearless kid can turn any seemingly safe place into a jungle gym or an obstacle course or a harbinger of inevitable physical pain that can keep even the most self-assured parent up at night, afraid for their child's well being and, well, afraid of the impending hospital bills. Honestly, my kid shows zero regard for oncoming traffic or gravity or, you know, danger of any kind. Having a fearless kid is stressful, to say the least. Seriously, if being a parent wasn't already difficult enough, adding a fearless kid to that mix of normal anxiety and fear can have dizzying side effects.

Being the parent of a kid with no fear is like being in a constant state of paranoia and, like most things, it's a learning process. I've had to try and quell my fear with my desire for letting my kid feel free and encouraging him to learn. The problem the learning process and my attempt at finding some sort of happy medium, is the undeniable fact that peace of mind takes a substantial hit. Well, that and my sanity. Having been the mother of a fearless child for nearly two years now, I've learned a few of lessons the hard way, and if you too have got a fearless kid on your hands, you understand the following ten struggles of day-to-day parenting all too well.

Everything Is Fair Game For Climbing...

Whether it was made for climbing or not, your kid will attempt to summit it. It doesn't matter if it's a tree or a chair or a far-too-high boulder or a coffee table; it's all fair game and it's all sure to give you a few too many heart attacks.

...And For Jumping Off Of

If they're going to climb it, chances are they're going to jump it. I've attempted to teach my kid the basics concerning gravity and its undeniable power but, well, I don't think he's convinced. He still tries to beat gravity, no matter how many times gravity wins.

There's A Lot More Sharp Corners In The World Than You Previously Thought

Seriously why is everything potentially dangerous? Like, the powers that be couldn't have rounded out every corner known to man so every parent can rest a little easier? Is that honestly that difficult of a request?!

Pool Days Are Far From Relaxing

I used to love lounging by the pool, drink in hand, enjoying the sun and sometimes the shade and always the cool refreshment of a particular body of water. Yeah, not anymore. Now I have to keep a vigilant eye on my child to make sure he's not wading into the deep end or cannon balling into some pool or trying some daredevil diving stunt usually reserved for the Olympics.

Dressing Your Kid In Bright Clothing Helps Make Locating Them Easier Once They Run Off In Public, Because Yes, They Will Definitely Run Off

My kid's clothes might as well be safety vests. I like to dress him in a bright yellow or orange or green, so spotting him after he inevitably bolts to look at that one super cool thing that "mom isn't walking fast enough" towards, is easier. Maybe there really is something to putting your kid on a leash...

You Realize Just How Cat-Like Your Reflexes Really Are

I guess this isn't really so much a struggle, as it is a silver lining. I mean, I am like a ninja; I can react to my kid falling or tumbling or climbing in the matter of mili-seconds and, well, when you're the mother of a fearless kid you need all the silver linings you can get.

Band-Aids Should Be Bought In Bulk

All I can say, is thank you gigantic box of band-aids for keeping me constantly stalked and at the ready.

Trying To Contain A Fearless Kid Will Only Fuel Their Fire

The more I say, "No," the more my kid emphatically yells, "Yes!" It's, like, a science. I know that putting up more boundaries and trying to quell my kid's fearless spirit will not only fail, but could potentially hurt him. So, I just try to be as vigilant as possible and invest in some much-needed wine.

The Phrase "Curiosity Killed The Cat" Is Actually Kind Of Terrifying

Yeah, it's not cute, it's just a reality that keeps me terrified on a ridiculously constant basis. My fearless kid wants to know what will happen if he does "this" or what might occur if he does "that" and, oh yeah, don't get me started on how afraid I am of him trying to figure out what certain things will taste like (especially if they're not made for human consumption).

Basically, A Kid With No Fear Is A Mom With Too Much Fear

It's like I have absorbed my son's ability to feel fear, and doubled up on mine. The thing is, maybe that's part of being a parent, you know? I get to worry for my fearless kid, so he can enjoy being fearless and free and naive for as long as possible. Basically, he gets to enjoy being a kid. I know, all too well, that the dangers of the world will be impossible for him to know one day, and until that day comes, I'm happy to worry about them for him.