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These Super Bowl Instagram Captions Will Keep Your Feed As Fresh As Goff & Brady

Super Bowl weekend is practically here, and if you aren't practicing your favorite Maroon 5 dance moves for the halftime show, then maybe you're prepping your party menu or making sure your lucky Rams jersey is clean. (You don't have to wear a lucky Patriots jersey because apparently Tom Brady already has that covered.) But no matter where you are in your big game preparations, you'll need some Super Bowl 2019 Instagram captions to keep your timeline as superb as Jared Goff's arm. (Or as intense as Bill Belichick's RBF.)

Look, it's just the Super Bowl. I mean, as an Atlanta sports fan, I'm just trying to make it through until the wounds of 2017 are officially healed (and that means rooting for the Rams, because ugh the Patriots), so it's not like I'm hoping to gain a bunch of social media influencer points on this night. And neither should you. But if you want to perfectly caption your Super Bowl party spread or your celebration dance boomerang when Tom Brady gets sacked and doesn't get the flag he was hoping for, then these 10 Instagram captions should have something for you. Bonus points if you use a hashtag — we all want to see your best "Moves Like Jagger" boogie.

"Anyone who's just driven 90 yards against huge men trying to kill them has earned the right to do jazz hands." — Craig Ferguson

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Apparently end zone celebrations are heavily restricted? Like there's a bunch of rules about props and how much is too much? I don't know the details, I just know that I've seen a lot of football players get stoked about a play and then a flag comes flying out of a ref's hands. My husband's tried to explain it to me, but I'm with Ferguson here. They should totally be allowed to do jazz hands and have an entire jazz band join them.

"You find out life's this game of inches — so is football. Because in either game — life or football — the margin for error is so small. I mean, one half a step too late or too early and you don't quite make it. One half second too slow, too fast and you don't quite catch it. The inches we need are everywhere around us. They're in every break of the game, every minute, every second. On this team we fight for that inch." — 'Any Given Sunday'

If you're looking for a deep quote about football, you'll want this one from Al Pacino's speech in Any Given Sunday. Fingers crossed the game of inches sways in favor of the good guys on Sunday.

"Look at me! Look at me! I'm a Rams fan now."

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To be read in your best Captain Phillips meme voice of course. It doesn't matter who you were rooting for all season long. Unless you've been a New England Patriots fan from the beginning, look at me. We're all Rams fans now.

"Gambling, beer, and football filled the horizons of their minds." — George Orwell

If we were having a Super Bowl party, this is the caption I'd use on a photo of my husband and all of his football-loving friends screaming at the TV.

"And just like that, we were all Rams fans."

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Another popular one that's been around on memes of Forrest Gump, this is the perfect caption for a group shot of you and your Super Bowl viewing partners. Bonus points if you're all wearing your actual favorite team's apparel. It doesn't matter if you're usually a Falcons fan (oh hey) — now you're a Rams fan in the worst way.

"You have to believe in your process. You have to believe in the things you are doing to help the team win." — Tom Brady

I mean, I guess you could use this as a great quote for your Patriots support, but I think it would be especially nice to post as you're believing in all the things that will help the Rams win.

"You find out about yourself when you have a little bit of adversity." — Sean McVay

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The Rams head coach deserves some love on your timeline, too. They don't call him McBae for nothing.

"Oh, my nose!" — Marcia Brady

If there happens to be some great tackle you catch in the background of a group photo, behold: the perfect caption. Also, this just works in general because literally everyone knows why Marcia's yelling and she doesn't even throw as big of a tantrum as Tom Brady does when he gets hit.

"What are you going to do next?" "I'm going to Disney World!"

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It's a classic Super Bowl quote, and it just works no matter what.

"When you don't care about the teams, but you like wings and degenerate gambling."

Courtesy of my husband, here's one for all of you who don't have a dog in the fight and just want to eat good food and play one last game of fantasy football.