Courtesy Of Steph Montgomery

What Every Mom Thinks When She's Being Induced

Even though it was not a part of my birth plan and not how I imagined giving birth, being induced wasn't so bad. After I got over the boredom, pain, fear, hunger, anger, anxiety, and pretty much the entire spectrum of human emotion that it caused me to feel, of course. I know I am not alone. There are things every mom thinks when she's being induced. It's totally normal.

When I was admitted for induction the first time, I was terrified. Most of my friends experienced unmedicated births, and I had heard a ton of rumors about induction being the worst thing ever and leading to unnecessary medical interventions and emergency c-sections. However, I trusted my midwife and knew that sometimes babies need a little help in order to enter the world and remain healthy. For me, holding my healthy baby was worth the pain, hunger, boredom, and fear. When I had to be induced a second time, I knew what to expect. I had a little less fear (thank goodness), but still couldn't wait for it to be over. In the end, my induction turned out to be a beautiful experience. Well, beautiful after I finally got an epidural.

My inductions were proof that no matter what happens and how things progress, birth is completely badass. Don't let anyone tell you differently, moms-to-be, especially the voices in your head.

"I'm Scared"

The thought of being induced was so scary. It's not what I had planned, and I had no idea what to expect. I was afraid it wouldn't work, I would have to have a c-section, or it would be the worst thing imaginable. Luckily, I was wrong.

"It Hurts"

Contractions are no joke, especially after your water breaks and they need to use Pitocin for your induction.

"I'm So Bored"

My first induction took almost 24 hours. It was so boring. Once I got my epidural, I didn't experience any pain or long hallway walks to distract me from the monotony of the same four walls and constant machine beeps. Luckily, I brought a tablet and was able to watch some movies while I waited.

"I'm So Tired"

When you have contractions all night long, it's impossible to get some damn sleep. See also: nurses interrupting you to check your vitals, monitors and blood pressure cuff, the painful pinch of an IV, and the inability to move without disrupting something, causing the nurses to check on you again.

"I Can't Do This"

For me, fear turned to anxiety and anxiety caused me to worry that I wasn't cut out for childbirth. Eventually I started wishing they still knocked moms out and handed them a baby later, like they used to do in the good old days. Which is ironic, because I previously wanted a "natural" birth.

"I'm So Hungry"

Before I learned to sneak food into the delivery room, I was so hungry. How could I be expected to push a giant baby out of my vagina with no snacks?

"I Want An Epidural Now"

When my contractions got too intense, I literally begged for an epidural. I lost all desire for a medication-free birth and wanted all of the drugs. It was so beautiful.

"Get Out!"

My husband was so unhelpful during my inductions. I get it; he was bored and tired, too, but there came a point when I just wanted him out of my sight and out of earshot so I wouldn't have to listen to his snoring or complaining. Same for the nurses who had kept me awake all night with their poking and prodding. Get out!

"Is It Time To Push, Yet?"

Once I had my epidural, I had no idea how quickly I was progressing. I was constantly asking the nurses if it was time. In the end, I totally knew when to push.

"I Can Do This"

In the end, birth was a really empowering experience. I felt like a goddess who could do anything. Even though things didn't go as planned (birth typically laughs at birth plans), and there were definitely moments when I lacked confidence and felt like I couldn't continue, I did it.