10 Foods To Sneak Into Labor & Delivery

When my first baby was born seven years ago, I was a perfect patient and always followed my midwife's instructions. I was so scared I was going to do something "wrong," so I didn't eat anything after we checked in to labor and delivery. At least, not right away. Now that I have been through childbirth a few times, I can safely say that I'll definitely be sneaking food in this time around. In fact, I tell all my pregnant friends my list of foods every new mom should consider sneaking into her labor and delivery room; you know, manifesting your destiny and things like that.

For my first child's birth, I checked into the hospital at 6:00 in the evening. I had previously enjoyed a light dinner, but didn't eat much. About 15 hours later I was so hungry I begged my midwife for something to eat. She literally said, "Oh hon, I didn't know that you hadn't eaten. Go ahead and have a snack. You need your strength." I found a granola bar in the bottom of my purse and ate it in three bites. Then I had a popsicle (which tasted like the best thing I'd ever eaten), and a can of Sprite. I wish I had spoken up sooner.

My second time going to labor and delivery, I was sure to pack some snacks and sports drinks in my hospital bag. I spoke up for myself and what I needed. I even snuck in a six pack of my favorite craft beer for after delivery. (Shhh. Don't tell the nurse.) And this time around, I am hoping the hospital staff will be OK with me eating during labor. If not, I am probably going to sneak something in anyway, I am a rebel like that, and I know what I need to make it through. So, yeah, the following things will definitely be coming with me to the delivery room. #SorryNotSorry


Nuts are a great nutrient-dense source of protein and fiber, are portable, and easy to eat (and easy to hide from suspicious nurses).

Granola Bars

Portable, healthy, and non-perishable; you can bring a few in case your labor lasts longer than you anticipate. Trust me when I say you'll want a granola bar to snack on, especially if the food at the hospital sucks.


Fiber is important for postpartum pooping, so fruit provides quick, easily accessible energy and a ton of fiber.


If you can't stomach whole fruit, pouches of applesauce or other fruit blends might be a great alternative. Also, they are good practice for eating your kid's leftovers for meals or snacks.

Sports Drinks

I got super dehydrated during my first labor. I brought some sports drinks the next time, and they made a huge difference.

Frozen Treats

Send your support person out for popsicles or a slushy. Trust me. You're welcome.


I love cheese. I brought string cheese (again with the toddler food) and cheese curds to the hospital the second time. So yummy. Just don't overdo it or it may make postpartum constipation worse.

Sour Candy

I had hyperemesis gravidarum during my second and current pregnancies. Sour candy is the only thing that settles my stomach. I have bags stashed all over my house, car, and in my hospital go bag, just in case I get nauseated during labor.


Because it's chocolate and you are growing a birthing a human, you badass you!


Courtesy of Steph Montgomery

If you drink, there's no better time for a toast than after 40 weeks of sobriety and growing a human being in your body. Just don't forget a bottle opener. They probably won't have one at the nurse's station.

The above picture is literally the holiday gift my spouse gave me this year, so I have plenty to choose from when I head to the hospital.