10 Men Reveal The Surprising Things They Like During Sex

There comes the point in every relationship where sex becomes too repetitive. It's like, you can predict your partner's every move before it happens and that's not fun. So, when it comes to spicing things up in the bedroom, why not try something a little different. Something that's going to catch them off guard and make them want you more. There are so many surprising things men like during sex that you probably didn't even know about, so I'm here to share them with you.

I asked fourteen men what surprising things turned them on in the bedroom. Some were sweet, some were kinky, and they were all unexpected. For instance, did you know that not taking off all your clothing can leave them wanting more, or that stuffing your dirty underwear into their mouth is a thing? I know things got a little weird over here. Bottom line is, there are so many moves that your S.O. is into that you probably didn't even know about. Actually, they might not yet know about them either, so why not try something crazy and new? What's the worst that can happen? You'll realize that one, or both, of you aren't into it and you'll move on.

When in the bedroom people will always surprise you with their taste. I find that the shyest guys are the kinkiest in bed — and I mean always. It's the one place people can let loose, and some people really don't hold back.

Take a peak and if one stands out to you, try it tonight. It might do wonders in more ways than one.


Honesty (About Your Secret Kinks)

"When a girl feels comfortable enough to let a guy know what kind of freaky stuff she's into. Most guys are down for anything, but when a girl lets you know her secret kinks, it means she trusts you, and that's dope. Trust is great and getting to do kinky sh*t is dope as well." - Joe, 27

Thanks for that, Joe. Kinky stuff can get a lot of people excited, but the surprising thing here is the trust factor.


Tickle Backs

"When she's on top and tickles your balls." - Brendan, 31

I like to call this move the tickle back. All the men I spoke to said this was amazing, but that not many people do it. So if you're feeling so inclined, give it a try.


Butt Play

"Ass play can be fun." -Joey, 28

It's not always talked about, but those who love it, love it. Even Gabrielle Union talks very openly about butt play, so it's obviously working for some people.


Eye Contact

"I like eye contact." - Dan, 25

Eye contact should be pretty standard during sex, but some people feel very uncomfortable with it. The secret here is finding out what works for you and your partner — if you're into eye contact, find someone who also is, and if not, then find someone who also thinks it's weird. Just be aware that if the preferences don't match, then one partner can end up feeling pretty disconnected and unwanted.


When a Woman Orgasms

"I mean it's always a nice surprise when she cums."- Justin, 33

Not going to lie, it surprises me too. It's harder to make a woman climax, and the fact that a guy is noticing and caring is pretty surprising.


A Nice Temperature

"A nice temperature. Nobody wants to be cold."- Lance, 34

Fact. If it's too cold do you even want to take your clothes off? Although, cold nights are perfect for cuddling.


Double Digits

"I like fingering her with both our fingers."- Nikhil, 25

I don't know if I would want to get my hands wet...


Calling Them By A Different Name

"I like it when she calls me by another guys name. Like an ex, or her favorite movie star, or old favorite teacher."- George, 43

If someone called me by someone else's name I would flip out, but to each his own. I guess I can see why some men would find this hot, though: They want you to live out your sexual fantasy even if it means you're calling them Ryan Gosling for the night.


Use Your Dirty Underwear

"Having your mouth stuffed with their dirty underwear."- Rallis, 39

I guess underwear isn't just for looking sexy or protecting your pants. Some would argue that you can use them to spice things up during foreplay. I mean, in the end, you're going to wash them anyways, right?


Scratch Pad

"I like when a girl scratches me so hard she leaves marks."- Tim, 34

Just channel your inner cat, and you can make some guy very happy.

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