What To Know About Having Sex On Your Period

by Irina Gonzalez

I once knew a guy who said having sex with a woman who was on her period was like "murder sex." He was so appalled by the idea of a woman's natural cycle, that he'd avoid his partner for an entire week during her time of the month. Little did he know that period sex is not at gruesome as my friend (and many other people) like to think. Unfortunately, this is just one of the many misconceptions about it. What people don't realize is that there are plenty of things that no one tells you about being sexually active on your period that are actually pretty positive.

According to Women's Health, sex on your period doesn't need to be messy, disgusting, or a turn-off. You might be nervous or embarrassed about your monthly cycle, but the truth is that there are plenty of interesting facts that you should know about sex on your period. One such fact is the myth that your partner will find it gross.

According to the previously mentioned Women's Health article, ,ore than three-quarters of men polled by it's brother publicaiton, Men's Health, said that they would love to have sex during your period. Although 54 percent of them would only do it with a serious girlfriend of wife, the chances are that your shyness about sex on your period is unfounded. To dispel this and other myths, here are 10 things that nobody tells you about having sex while on your period.


You Might Be Hornier Than Usual

According to Cosmopolitan, many women who are on their periods are aroused as much or even moreso than they are at any other time. Don't be surprised if your horniness spikes during that time of the month, just simply enjoy it.


You Need To Get A Dark Towel

According to the aforementioned Women's Health article, sex on your period is totally normal but might require some outside help. Sex coach Amy Levine, founder of, told Women's Health that you should spread a dark towel on the bed before having sex in order to minimize any mess you might create should menstrual blood accidentally make it onto the bed during the act.


Your Orgasm May Help Relieve PMS

Good news. According to Cosmopolitan UK, having sex during your period can actually help because orgasms can relieve common symptoms of PMS such as stress and menstrual cramps. No more cramps thanks to an orgasm? Yes, please.


You Could Still Get Pregnant

Although it's safe to have sex during your period, according to Everyday Health, it is not necessarily safe if you aren't using birth control. If you have sex towards the end of your period, the sperm can survive in your vagina for up to five days so pregnancy is indeed possible.


Your Partner Isn't Grossed Out

Many women remain shy about pregnancy sex because they are afraid that their partner will deem it gross, but this is not true. Health noted that you shouldn't assume your partner will be grossed out by period sex. If you're curious about how your partner feels, Tara Ford, a physician assistant at the Medical Center for Female Sexuality, recommended to Health that women bring it up before things get hot and heavy so that you can have good communication about whether sex during your period is a viable option for you as a couple.


You Won't Actually Create a Murder Scene

Unless you have extremely heavy periods or are doing the deed during your heaviest flow day, it is unlikely that you will end up in a pool of blood-stained sheets if you have sex on your period, according to Metro UK. Very little blood is actually released per minute, so there is no need to worry that you and your partner will be horrified by the end.


You Aren't The Only One Doing It

According to the aforementioned Cosmopolitan UK article, research has shown that 30 percent of sexually active people have sex during their period. Just because nobody talks about it, doesn't mean that nobody is doing it. It might just be one of the best kept secrets of the modern woman.


You Can Still (And Should) Use A Condom

According to the aforementioned Women's Health article, one of the best ways to enjoy period sex and make sure that it stays mess free is to have your male partner use a latex condom. This way, once you are done, you can simply "roll off" the blood that gets on him.


You Don't Actually Need Any Lube

Perhaps the second biggest benefit of having sex on your period (after cramps-alleviating orgasms, of course) is the fact that you will not need to use any lube, according to the aforementioned Everyday Health article. Menstrual blood tends to provide enough lubrication, so you can save don't need anything in addition to that.


You're Totally Empowering Yourself And Others

Sure, there is still a lot of stigma surrounding periods and women's bodies. But the nice thing about period sex is that you are slowly and quietly empowering yourself (and possibly others) to put all of that behind you. If shame is the only thing holding you back, let it go, grab your partner, and enjoy those three to five days when you previously thought sex was off the table.