Pulling out your kid's dump trucks is the perfect way to spend an afternoon in the snow.

10 Things To Do In The Snow With Toddlers Other Than Putting Their Gloves Back On

Is there anything more fun that taking littles out into the snow? OK, yes, there are maybe more fun things than this. But it is incredibly cute to watch 3-year-olds stumble and frolic with the flakes. And believe it or not, there are actually loads of fun activities to do. Below, I've rounded up 10 fun things to do in the snow with toddlers — things that will help keep everyone entertained, and help you to forget that you can no longer feel your nose.

Little kids get so incredibly excited by the snow, especially if they live in areas where snowfall is a rare occurrence. I remember when my son saw the snow for the very first time, he pointed at it — distressed — and told me the clouds had fallen. (Definitely one of the cutest things he's ever said...)

Yes, it's a pain to find the gloves and the hats and the scarves and the snow pants and the snow boots. And to at last get your kid all suited up, only to have them turn to you the second they are outside and say, "I need to go potty." But the look of wonder on a child's face as he gazes down at his first lop-sized snow angel? Worth it.


Pull them around like you're a snow dog.

Toddlers are of course years away from zipping down the hills on their own sled, but that doesn't mean they can't still have fun sliding around in the snow. There are lots of cute little toddler sleds out there, like this one from Lucky Bums, which even has a little strap to hold the child in place. I remember pulling my own son around on a little sled, and you would have thought he was doing the luge in the Olympics, such were his squeals of excitement.


Let them Monet the yard.

Why not make a snow painting? No urine required! There are some very cute snow painting kits available on Amazon, or for a more homemade version, simply fill some old spray bottles with a mix of water and food coloring. And then be sure to stay close, lest your kid get busy spritzing the dog green.


Build an igloo.

No need for your youngsters to steal your bread pans! There are now loads of snow brick making kits out there, like this very cute Flexible Flyer Snow Fort Kit. It has options for both short and long bricks, as well as some decorative castle-like bricks. Hypothermia has never been so fun!


Conjure your own Frosty.

Kids love to build snowmen, no matter the age. Help them build a Frosty, and if you're too lazy to hunt down some twigs and rocks, there are snowman kits available for purchase. There's even one that includes a mustache, hat, and glasses, in case you want a Sigmund Freud snowman. In which case you should also give him a small sign that says, "Tell me about your mother..."


Snowball target practice.


As someone who grew up with a lot of brothers, I know all too well the sting of a snowball to the face. So I am not a huge fan of snowball fights. However, watching a snowball explode is still a lot of fun. Why not draw a chalk target on the tree or the ground, and have the little ones practice their aim? And if you prefer perfectly round, cartoon-like snowballs, maybe invest in one of these handy snowball makers?


Swedish snowball lantern, anyone?

Yes, this sounds a little like either a weird wrestling move or a rather kinky sex act, but it's actually a very pretty little light-up snow sculpture. You essentially build a little pile of snowballs around a tea light, and the end result is quite magical. Full instructional video here!


Play with some homemade ice LEGO.

This one is sure to keep them busy, and it's sooo easy. Just add water to several ice trays, then squeeze some food coloring into the individual squares. (The more variety of colors, the better!) Freeze the trays overnight, and voila! You've just made dozens of little ice blocks. Place the blocks in the snow or onto a flat surface, and let the kids get creative.


Put those Tonka trucks to use.

Gather up the toy dump trucks, bulldozers, and excavators and dump them outside. Kids will love making a road, or hauling, pushing, and steamrolling the snow. For extra fun, maybe get this Little Tikes wrecking ball to put aside for the first snowy day. Because the only thing more fun than building an igloo is, of course, knocking an igloo down.


Mold your own snow sculptures.

The easiest thing to do here is to gather up your Play-Doh molds or sandcastle molds from the summer, and use them as sculpting tools. But if snow starfish and snow sharks aren't really your kid's thing, and you're looking for something more winter-themed, there are some really fun molds especially for the snow. For instance, this snow buddy penguin makes it easy for the kids to fill your yard with ice penguins, creating their own version of Happy Feet 3. Until the sun comes out and melts them all, of course. And then it is Very Sad Feet 3, and Mommy why did you let the sun kill our penguins???


One word: shovel.

Seriously — toddlers seem to love to shovel pretty much anything. Give them one of these heavy duty snow shovels and let them go for it. If you can perhaps direct them toward your front sidewalk, all the better! (Kidding. I totally don't condone making your 3-year-old shovel the sidewalk. Mainly because they will make a total mess of it.)