10 Thoughtful Mother's Day Gifts, Because She's Pretty Special

Finding just the right Mother's Day gift for a special woman in your life can be kind of difficult because, well, she's flipping awesome. Whether you choose to get crafty and make something to showcase your little one's artistic talents or you are planning to go all out, the goal each May is always to nail the gift, right? That's why I was excited to put together this list of thoughtful Mother's Day gifts because there are some great ideas out there.

To be honest, a lot of these gifts are kind of for me (hint, hint, people who love me). I mean, how could I not want a box curated for a quiet morning of reading at home, a pajama set that actually matches, or a posh sleep mask that helps me score better sleep?

Remember that regardless of what you choose for the leading lady in your life, Mother's Day is all about making her feel like she's pretty cool, whether that means a DIY project or stunning piece of jewelry. And, hey, don't underestimate the power of a fun family day or even a plan to help her get some alone time. Because moms really do deserve it all, am I right?


A Curated Box That Has It All

"In The Morning" Box, $125, BOXFOX

I'm not going to lie — I want this one for myself. In my opinion, you can never go wrong with any gift that includes a book. But to add in other goodies like raw honey and yummy tea, well, I'm sold. Other curated boxes from the BOXFOX Mother's Day Collection include "Pamper" and "Heart & Home," or you can design your own.


Comfy Pajamas That Actually Match

Solstice Organic Long Sleeve Top and Pants, $38 and $46, Coyuchi

OK, this might seem like a basic at first glance. But if a mom in your life is anything like me, then I can guarantee she's walking around with holes in her fave pajamas. That's why these Solstice Pajamas (the top and pants are sold separately, so make sure you snag both) are kind of awesome. Plus, they're made from 100 percent organic cotton jersey, which makes them ultra comfortable.


A Personalized Necklace With Her Favorites

Personalized Family Necklace, starting at $29, Etsy

Moms kind of love to keep the people they care about most close to their hearts, and this personalized family necklace allows her to do just that. Choose from sterling silver, rose gold, and 18K gold for the circles and chains, and create a truly unique piece.


A Great Gift Is In The Stars

Constellation Print, starting at $45, Etsy

Nail down the location and date when each of her babies was born and this constellation print makes for a unique Mother's Day gift. Customize to fit the number of children, as well as the font in which you would like to see their names.


An Upgrade From The Coupon Books Of Your Youth

"What I Love About Mom" Book, $10, Uncommon Goods

I feel like this book is the adult version of the coupon books you so lovingly made from construction paper in grade school. Let your mom know what you love about her and she will have the keepsake for a lifetime.


A Unique Floral Teapot

Hand-Painted Floral Infuser Teapot, $24, Pier 1 Imports

If you have a tea-loving mom in your life, then I feel like this teapot is a natural choice. Gorgeously floral and so appropriate for spring, a special mama in your life is sure to love it.


Help Her Sleep In Style

Silk Eye Mask & Neck Wrap Set, $80, Mark & Graham

OK, what mama doesn't need help scoring a little more sleep? Snag her this silky soft eye mask and neck wrap set and help her catch some extra snooze time. Plus, how cute is that butterfly print?


The Cutest Mug Ever

Baby Bears Mug, $25 to $35, Etsy

I am all about a good mug and this sweet one is no exception. Pick your mug size (11 or 15 ounces), then pair your bear cubs with their names for the perfect gift.


A Stylish Bag That Stows It All

Ebony City Pack, $150, Freshly Picked

If you've ever peeked inside the average mom's bag, then you know it's all chaos and not the least bit coordinated. That's why this Ebony City Pack is kind of amazing. It looks sleek and stylish, and helps the on-the-go mom keep everything she needs close by.


DIY Photo Gift She'll Adore

DIY Photo Wall Hanging, priceless, Kelli Murray

OK, I'm kind of in love with this DIY photo project and I think a mom in your life might be, too. All it requires is scissors, string, a hole punch, tree branch, and black and white photos of your choice. I mean, this is a gift that just simply cannot be passed up, right?

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