10 Times When Babies And Pets Just Got Each Other

by Jennifer Germano

When you become a mom for the first time, you might find yourself in certain situations that give you some sort of deja vu feeling. You'll wonder, "Wait, have I done this before?" even if this is your first child. Yeah, you're not alone in that feeling. In fact, you probably have done this before, just with your pet. Training your pet to behave in a particular way is very much like raising your baby. Sometimes, you may be baffled by the things each of them do, especially together. I mean, babies and pets just get each other so it's honestly not that far-fetched that they share some wonderful (and at times, difficult) similarities.

Over the last few years, I have realized how similar raising a baby and teaching a pet really, and truly, is. On more than a few occasions I've told my daughter, "That is not for eating," and, "We don't do that in the house," and, "We don't potty on the floor," only to realize that I've told my dog the exact same things. I guess, in the end, I really shouldn't be surprised how much my daughter and our dog understand each other. It turns out, right now, they're pretty much the same (although, my daughter is definitely cuter. Sorry dog.).

Of course, this isn't to say that having a pet is the same as having a baby. I mean, it isn't. However, their lives run pretty parallel to one another for at least a while, which is only made more obvious by the following moments when a baby and a pet simply got one another. I mean, if this doesn't scream "partner in crime," I'm not sure what does.

When This Baby And This Dog Share Food

When babies discover that pets will eat just about anything you put in front of them (or more accurately, anything you drop on the floor) you can almost be sure that this newfound food-sharing bond will extend to not only meal times, but snack time and any other time where food may or may not be present.

They both know that food is good and, let's face it, they're buddies. What one eats, the other will too.

When This Baby And This Puppy Fall Asleep Together

Although babies may fight sleep on occasion, they do tend to know when they need sleep, as do pets. They both know the routines and when it is time for a little siesta. Besides, nap time as well as bed time is always made better by cuddles from your favorite buddy.

When This Baby And This Dog Enjoy Play Time

Pets know how to play. Babies know how to play. Playing together makes it that much more fun, especially when they lose their little minds because they're so excited.

When This Baby And This Dog Get A Bath

Now, some pets don't like water so they don't really appreciate "bath time," but I know plenty of pets that do. Similarly, some babies may not like water and, while others can't get enough of it and could sit in a tub for hours. Put a puppy and a baby in a tub together? Well, I'm not responsible for the cuteness overload you will probably experience.

When This Baby And This Dog Watch Their Favorite Show Together

There's nothing better than watching your favorite show with your favorite buddy, even if your favorite buddy is covered and fur and can't really speak.

When This Baby And This Puppy Welcome Their Parent Home

I don't think I've ever seen a pet (particularly a dog, because cats don't really seem to care as much) stay calm when there's a visitor. There must be some hidden rule saying that dogs must greet guests with jumps, loud barks, and running back and forth with no particular destination in mind (it seems). Personally, when my daughter knows someone is coming into the house, she starts chatting up a storm, jumping up and down and preparing for a very excited greeting. She's either following a hidden rule of her own, or just following the dog's example.

When This Baby And This Dog Get Into Trouble

Babies and pets are pretty good at causing trouble, so it only makes sense they'd team up. This is also why they're made to be too adorable to actually stay mad at for any significant period of time.

When Our Babies Love Our Pets As Much As We love Them...

This may be especially true if your pet was part of the family before you ever had your baby. For your baby to share that same love for your pet is a special thing.

And When Our Pets Love Our Babies As Much As We Love Them...

I mean, this is too precious for words.

And When They Collectively Try To Kill Us With Their Mutual Love And Cuteness

Stop. Just stop. I can't take it anymore. This cuteness is overwhelming and they both just understand one another and how they fit in the family so well that it blows my mind.