10 Times When Your Mom Friends Will Save Your Ass, Because We're All In This Together

My dearest friends have been in my life way before I had kids. They have saved me from plenty of close calls; with boys, parents and definitely with certain unsaid hairstyles. Some have kids and some don’t, but now that I’m a mother (and more often than not my life revolves around my children) I've realized that it’s my mom friends who have saved my ass from hitting another parenting pitfall.

When we ask for help, we need to choose the right person to ask because we kind of always know what we want to hear. More importantly, we want to make sure that, when asking for that help, we're not opening ourselves up to unnecessary judgment or criticism. It's hard enough to admit that you're in over your head (and trust me, when you're a parent that will happen) without someone making you feel guilty about it. We all want to feel validated in our parenting choices and, on occasion, we need to hear that we're doing it right and we're capable of being the best parent possible (even and especially when we mess up or make a mistake, no matter how big or small). While we know that we're the best person to parent our children, sometimes we just need someone else to say it.

When I'm struggling, as a mom, it’s my mom friends I seek out for support, understanding and advice. Whether it’s giving me a spare pack of wipes or sending an uplifting text when life-with-kids becomes ridiculously hard, there are so many times when my mom friends will save my ass. Here are just a few:

When The Only Edible Things You Scrounged Up In the Diaper Bag Are Tic Tacs

In the effort to be "the best mom ever," I only pack healthy snacks. As a result, and sadly, on the way to the playground, fruit gets bruised and granola turns to dust and my kids aren’t having any of it. Thank you to all my mom friends who’ve saved me with their extra pouches of Pirate Booty!

When You’re Late To Pick-Up Your Kids

One of the worst at-work texts I can get is from my babysitter, saying she's stuck on the subway and will be a few minutes late to pick up my children from the bust stop. Thankfully, the network of parents all have each other’s backs and will hold onto my children until my sitter arrives. I would do the same for them, so it all works out. Thankfully.

When They Offer Great Advice Like Suggesting Your Kids Sleep In Their Outfits For The Next Day

Mom friend hacks rule. Seriously, they're the best.

When They Text You A Pic Of Your Kid Having A Great Time When You’re Not There

I’ve been riddled with guilt that I couldn’t chaperone a school trip because I’ve been out of town for work. Then, because she just knows, my mom pal sends me a picture of my son whooping it up at the Science Museum with his buddies and, while I’m still sad to miss it firsthand, at least I know he is more than all right.

When They Lend Your Kid Underwear And Don’t Ask For It Back

Accidents happen, and no one understands that better than your friends with children.

When You Agree To Volunteer On The Girl Scout Camping Trip

You’re in the woods with 19 kids who are very particular about how they want their hot dogs cooked. At least your fellow mom friends are along for the adventure, and the adult companionship.

When You’re At Another Toddler Birthday Party, Without Grown-Up Beverages

I don’t expect there to be alcohol at a two-year-old’s birthday party. But no coffee either? Help a sister out. Until our kids are old enough for a drop-off event (which differs depending on a parent's comfort levels, but mine was at age six), I’m chaperoning them at birthday parties so, thankfully, I always find a fellow caffeine-deprived mom friend to commiserate with.

When Your Kid Forgets Their Homework At School

Now that my daughter is in third grade, it’s on her to remember to bring home and complete her assignments. However, when she was in first grade and would leave a worksheet at school, I could always reach out to a fellow class parent to text me a picture of it so I could help her complete her assignment anyway.

When They Assure You That Your Kid Will Still Grow Even Though She Never Seems To Eat Her Lunch

Every day I pack my child a nutritious lunch, with items she has promised to eat. And every day, without fail, most of it comes back. So, when I share my worry of my child growing up weak and puny due to malnourishment, my mom friends know better than to lay some textbook advice on me. They know I won't slave over Instagram-worthy bento lunches, in the hopes that my kid will eat anything if it’s shaped like Hello Kitty. Instead, they give it to me straight: “She’ll be fine," and I can be done worrying about it (until her next check-up).

When You Just Need Some Alone Time On A Saturday Morning And They Agree to Take Your Kids

And then they feed them and tell you how wonderful they are, because they know you're maxed out and in a fragile state and can't afford to hear any differently. After all, other mom-friends have been there, so they know what a mom needs when she feels like she's at the end of her proverbial rope.