Toddler with pigtails eating peas and carrots at home.

Parents Of Picky Eaters, You *Have* To Follow These 10 Toddler Food Instagrams

If you have a picky eater on your hands, you likely turn to social media more often than not for advice. You probably scour the internet to make sure you're not the only one who experiences toddler tantrums when you serve up sliced tomatoes as a healthy side dish during lunchtime (how dare you?!) and find the myriad of resources out there meant to encourage parents of picky toddlers. It can be overwhelming to figure out exactly how to feed a toddler who is stuck in a food rut, but these 10 toddler food Instagrams to follow can help inspire parents of even the pickiest little ones.

It can be helpful for parents of picky eaters to take a look at what other moms post on Instagram and see what their toddlers are consuming. Although it might be intimidating if your toddler isn't quite loving the gorgeous quinoa and artisan berry salad you saw on an Instagram page and recreated for them, knowing that other toddlers are actually eating these meals can be helpful in assuring you that with a bit of persistence, your toddler can also enjoy healthy meals. These 10 toddler food Instagrams to follow feature snack and meal ideas from moms, recipe developers, nutritionists, and dietitians that will inspire you and your picky eater to become more adventurous in the kitchen.



Amy Palanjian is a mom, writer, and recipe developer whose Instagram page @yummytoddlerfood is perfect for parents who are in search of unique recipes that help incorporate healthy foods into a toddler's diet in a fun and engaging way. Her Instagram page is full of tips and ticks including how to "hide" vegetables in toddler-friendly foods like smoothies, muffins, and even fudgesicles.



The pediatric feeding expert pair of Occupational Therapist Judy Delaware and Registered Dietician Nutritionist Megan McNamee offer parents of babies and toddlers ways to incorporate nutritionally rich foods into their child's diet. Perfect for parents of picky eaters, their Instagram page @feedinglittles features science-backed tips for introducing healthy foods to toddlers, as well as how parents can make meal times less of a battle.



If you're a mom of multiples, you can totally relate to the posts on the Instagram page @feeding_three, which follows the food journey of a mom to three kids ages 7 months, 20 months, and 7 years. Posts with photos of what each kid ate in a day will inspire you to get creative with mealtime and encourage your toddlers to try foods with varying flavors.



Mom and author of the book Baby Food Universe, Kawn Al-jabbouri inspires parents of littles with fun recipes and step-by-step instructions for curating healthy kid meals. The posts on @babyfooduniverse really do help toddler parents feel like achieving a healthy, balanced meal is possible.


On the Instagram page, parents will find a variety of posts containing advice for how to incorporate healthy foods into a toddler's diet, including recipes for kid-friendly snacks and meals. Mom Shakha also posts photos of what her toddler eats in a day to help inspire other parents, and provide ideas for what you can feed your little one.



Mom, author of the My Fussy Eater cookbook, and autism advocate Ciara Attwell posts easy, nutritious recipes and meal ideas perfect for parents of toddlers on the Instagram page @myfussyeater. From broccoli pesto pasta to frittatas and even lunch box-style meal inspiration, the ideas on this Instagram page are likely to have your toddler begging for seconds.


Registered dietician nutritionist Jennifer Anderson posts inspiration for parents of picky kids to encourage eating vegetables on the Instagram page This is the perfect page to follow if you're having a hard time getting your kids to pick up anything that isn't a meat protein or pasta. Anderson's instruction can help lead to less mealtime battles over cleaning their plate and more fun engagement with veggies.



The Instagram page @kidfriendly.meals, ran by mom and registered dietician Min Jung, features ideas for toddler mealtimes including suggestions for how to make food fun and interesting for your little ones. She also posts photos of her adorable kids during their baby led weaning journey to help parents through that process as well.



Mom and pediatric dietician Ashley Smith posts a plethora of inventive and informative infographics for parents of babies and toddlers on her Instagram page, @veggiesandvirtue. The ideas she provides for how to incorporate new foods into your toddler's diet are a saving grace for parents of picky eaters.



For recipe inspiration that deviates from your everyday staples, head to @easyhealthykids to see how you can pack your toddler's diet with healthy foods full of important nutrients. The recipes are all created with health and simplicity in mind.



Mom and cookbook author Annabel Karmel provides ample inspiration for helping your toddler enjoy recipes that the entire family can eat together. In addition to recipe ideas, the @annabelkarmel Instagram page also features tips and tricks for helping your kids embrace a variety of foods.