10 Toddler Items Worth Buying, No Matter How Silly They Seem

When you're a new mom, it's easy to get suckered into thinking you need way more stuff for your kid than is actually necessary. (Not that there's anything wrong with getting a wipe warmer or a Diaper Genie, but your baby will be fine without them.) By the time your little one is a toddler, though, you're experienced enough to ask yourself if you really need a certain toddler-specific item before you buy — and while the answer is sometimes no, there actually are some toddler items worth buying, no matter how silly they seem.

It's not that your kid needs millions of pricey toys or expensive gear or fancy clothes to be happy and healthy, but there are some products out there that can make your life with a toddler a lot more convenient. The same goes for baby items and breastfeeding accessories, of course... some things that seem super important beforehand turn out to be more or less useless, while others that seem pointless are actually incredibly helpful. Unfortunately, most moms end up learning that the hard way... unless there's a more experienced parent who's willing to give you the lowdown on toddler stuff IRL (what you need, what you don't; what works, what doesn't).

In case you're the first one of your friends to join the mom club and you don't have anyone to ask for advice, check out this list of toddler must-haves that you might have overlooked.


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