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10 Twin Halloween Costumes For Kids To Double Your Fun & Your Candy

Twins are literally the coolest. They can channel the Parent Trap to fool their family and friends, come up with their own secret languages, and are universally adored wherever they go. But on Halloween, they get to take their twin-dom to a whole new level, with creative and funny twin Halloween costumes for kids. No matter what they choose, they're sure to take their cuteness factor through the roof. (I mean, come on. There's two of them.)

While planning a twin costume can be a little more challenging, it can also be double the fun and double the reward. Whether you have two boys, two girls, or one of each, there are tons of cool ideas to inspire the perfect costume this year. You can channel favorite movie or TV characters, or just dress your twins up as simple, everyday things. Believe it or not, there are tons of condiment costume ideas out there for twins like peanut butter and jelly, Sriracha and soy sauce, and even ketchup and mustard.

To coordinate your kids' costumes, try these 10 twin Halloween costume ideas to make trick-or-treating twice the fun. There are some you can buy in store, and others you can put together yourself. Either way, your kids will be doing some serious twinning this Halloween.


Thing 1 & Thing 2

If your twins are ready this Halloween for tricks and treats and what’s in-between, they can show the world a thing or two by dressing up as Thing 1 and Thing 2. You can get these costumes in the store, but if you find that to be a bore, you can put one together by yourself with things you can find on your closet shelf.

You can get a kids' Thing 1 and Thing 2 costume set ($45, Target) or a toddler Thing 1 and Thing 2 costume set ($25, Spirit Halloween). To do it yourself, you can combine a red shirt ($6, Old Navy) and blue pants ($10, H&M) with a blue cap ($8, Amazon) for boys, or a red shirt ($6, Walmart) with a blue tutu ($8, Amazon) and blue hair bow ($7, Amazon) for girls. Just cut two circles out of white card stock, attach them to blue ribbon to wear around the neck, and write “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” on each of them. You can even grab these adorable red and white striped socks ($10, Amazon) for a finishing touch.


Salt & Pepper

Who ever thought that the simplest things could make the cutest costumes? Your twins can easily go as Salt and Pepper Shakers this Halloween, and luckily, the costumes are super simple to throw together, making them a perfect last-minute option.

Kid’s black T-shirt ($5, Amazon) and a kid’s white T-shirt ($5, Amazon), or a black onesie ($10, Walmart) and white onesie ($10, Walmart), with a chef hat ($8, Amazon). For girls you can add an adorable black tutu ($7, Amazon) and white tutu ($7, Amazon) and for boys you can use black pants ($10, H&M) and white pants ($11, Walmart). You can add an “S” on the white shirt and a “P” on the black shirt with fabric paint ($7, Amazon) to signify salt and pepper, and add black dots with marker on the top of the hats for the shakers.


Doublemint Gum Twins

Who can forget the iconic twins from the Doublemint Gum ads? Their costumes are really easy to put together, and you may even find some stuff right in your kids’ closet.

All you need is a green dress ($23, Bon-Ton) to pair with a white cardigan ($12, Kohl’s) tied over the shoulders and white Mary Jane shoes ($35, JCPenney). You can pull hair back with a white headband ($7, Amazon) and have them carry packs of DoubleMint Gum.


Leia & Luke Skywalker

No twins are more famous than Luke and Leia from Star Wars. These heroic twins signify all that’s good in the world, and the recent reboots are allowing kids to fall in love with the characters, too. So this Halloween, they can channel their inner twin Jedis because the force (or sheer desire for candy) is strong within them.

All you need for Luke and Leia is a kids' Luke Skywalker costume ($39, Target) or a kids' Princess Leia costume ($26, Official Star Wars Costumes). For a DIY version, you can get a white dress ($20 to $30, Amazon), a silver belt ($10, Amazon), and white boots ($20, Halloween Costumes) for girls, and a white karate top ($18, Amazon) paired with brown pants ($24, Kohl’s), a brown belt ($10, Old Navy), and brown boots ($30, Cabela’s) for boys. For Leia, you can tie their hair up in those signature side buns, and make sure both kids have their lightsabers ($8, Target). You never know when they may need to fight the dark side.


Fred & George Weasley

Potter fans know who the coolest twins are — Fred and George Weasley. While Harry, Ron, and Hermione are stressed with more serious matters, the Weasley twins know how to lighten the mood. With their jokes and hijinks, they can put a smile on any face, so if your twins are the clowning kind, Fred and George can inspire the perfect costumes.

To get your Fred and George on, all you need is a kid’s maroon sweater ($17, Old Navy) with boy’s khaki pants ($8, Children’s Place) or girl’s khaki pants ($7, Children’s Place), Gryffindor scarves ($10, Amazon) and wands ($8, Amazon). You can use either a mustard puffy fabric paint, or iron-on letter patches ($8, Amazon) to put an “F” on Fred’s sweater, and a “G” for George’s.


Maverick & Goose

If your twins are heroic stud muffins, they can channel Maverick and Goose from Top Gun this Halloween. These costumes are super simple and easy, and will ensure your twins look cool as they’re on the highway to the candy zone.

For Maverick and Goose, you can get a kids' Air Force Pilot costume ($20, Target), or a kids' bomber jacket ($20, Amazon) and pair it with either boys' green khaki pants ($10, H&M) or girls' green khaki pants ($18, H&M). For the final touch, just put on some kids' aviator sunglasses ($10, Amazon) and a dog tag necklace ($5, Amazon), and the twins should be ready to fly high.



If it feels like your twins are preparing for world domination, then Minion costumes may the perfect idea. Like most twins, they’re adorable and funny, but can also be hilarious troublemakers. The best part is, the costumes are easy and simple — just make sure to reign in the candy and bananas.

All you need is a boy’s Minion costume ($17, Party City), a girl’s Minion costume ($27, Spirit Halloween), or a toddler’s Minion costume ($19, Target). For a DIY version, you can just pull together a girl’s yellow shirt ($5, Amazon) with girl’s overalls ($18, H&M), or a boy’s yellow shirt ($4, Walmart) with boy’s denim overalls ($22, Kohl’s), and top it with a Minion hat ($6, Walmart).


Clark Kent & Superman

Your twins can channel the world’s favorite superhero and his alter ego this Halloween by dressing up as Clark Kent and Superman. He’s a journalist by day, and Man of Steel by night, so your twins can adorably do both and maybe even fool some evil villains.

For Superman, you can get a boy’s Superman costume ($24, Target) or Supergirl kid’s costume ($40, Halloween Costumes), or pull together a Superman kids shirt ($15, Amazon) with a Superman cape ($11, Amazon).

For Clark, you can combine a boy’s white shirt ($12, Target) or girl’s white button shirt ($12, Old Navy) with a Superman T-shirt ($12, Amazon) underneath, and a pair of boy’s jeans ($8, Children’s Place) or girl’s jeans ($8, Children’s Place). All that’s left is to make sure Clark doesn’t get recognized, so you can add these black eyeglasses ($8, Amazon) for disguise.


Grady Twins

If you’re in the mood for a little creepiness, your twins can put on an evil smile and go dressed as the Grady twins from The Shining. They’re the scariest twins I’ve ever seen, which make them a perfect choice for twins on Halloween.

All you’ll need is a collared blue dress ($10 to $15, Amazon), lace ruffle socks ($9, Amazon), and black Mary Janes ($16, Amazon). Just part their hair to the side with a daisy hair clip ($4, Asos ).

All that’s left is to find a few dark hallways to lurk in.


Mario & Luigi

If your twins love jumping around to power up, then look no further than the adorable brothers, Mario and Luigi. Whether they’re fighting Goombas or saving Princess Peach, Mario and Luigi do it together, one level at a time.

To level up this Halloween, you can get a boy’s Mario costume ($30, Party City) or boy’s Luigi costume ($30, Party City), or girl’s Mario costume ($47, Spirit Halloween) and a girl’s Luigi costume ($47, Spirit Halloween).

For boys, you can get some denim overalls ($22, Kohl's) with either a red shirt ($11, Old Navy) and red hat ($7, Amazon) for Mario, or a green shirt ($7, Old Navy) and green hat ($7, Amazon) for Luigi.

For girls, combine denim overalls ($23, Target) with either a red shirt ($4, Walmart) and red hat ($7, Amazon) for Mario, or a green shirt ($8, Augusta Active) and green hat for Luigi.

To complete the looks, you can add a mustache or draw one in with black eyeliner, and cut out circles of yellow felt to cover the buttons on your overalls.

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