10 Unconventional Places To Hide Easter Eggs

Can you believe how fast the year has flown by? Easter is right around the corner and it seems like just yesterday you were putting Christmas decorations away (no judgement if it actually was yesterday). But if you're a parent, you know time doesn't stand still. So with the season of bunnies, pastel candies, and dye-kits quickly approaching, why not switch things up a little bit and try some unconventional places to hide Easter eggs this year?

Whether it's just you and your family or you're rocking a bigger squad, it's always fun to keep your little hunters on their toes. You also don't have to limit yourself to the traditional outdoor setting either. If you live in an urban area or just don't feel like dealing with sneeze-inducing pollen, you can also host an indoor Easter egg hunt.

But no matter where you are or who you're with, this year's escapades (egg-capades?) will definitely be Snapchat and Instagram worthy with all the creative ways you can hide the eggs. Who knows? You may be so proud of your unconventional Easter egg hunt skills, that you'll be inspired to reward you and your friends with an adult Easter egg hunt. Before you start dreaming about eating all the leftover candy, or maybe that's just me, check out these unconventional hiding spots for your Easter eggs.


Near Their Toys

Give the Elf on a Shelf a run for its money by staging your kids' favorite stuffed animals interacting with or trying to conceal the eggs. This is a great option for both indoors and outdoors and will also provide a super cute photo opportunity.


In Nature

Without disturbing any animals, you can still involve the elements in your outdoor hunt. Depending on your child's age and height, you can get creative and stash the eggs in the hollow spots of trees, under fallen leaves, or even hidden beneath a little dirt in a flower pot.


In Egg Cartons

If you're going the indoor route, one of my favorite hiding spots is one that's in plain sight. Put an Easter egg amongst real eggs in a carton. Nothing like the ultimate disguise!


In The Mailbox

Whether you have a mail slot or a mail box, an unconventional hiding spot for an Easter egg is in the mail. You can easily disguise it by putting some letters or magazines in to cover it up a bit.


In The Lights

This was definitely one of the most creative and memorable hiding spots my grandmother ever came up with. Unscrew a light bulb in an easy-to-reach lamp and put an egg in place of the light. Genus!


By The Car

This might be more suitable for slightly older kids, but if you leave your car outdoors during the hunt, you can stash an egg either at the edge of the tailpipe or even in a cup holder.


Among The Food

If you're doing an indoor shindig, set aside a decoy bag of chips (or other food item) and sneak in an Easter egg. Just make sure to tell your other guests about it first so they don't get an unexpected snack.


On The Steps

Do you have any steps leading up to your house or in the yard? Then you've just found yourself a new and unconventional hiding spot. Stairs make the ideal egg location since you can cleverly hide them under or behind any kind of stoop.


In Your Clothes

This is one for only the sneakiest of hosts to attempt. Put an Easter egg in your jacket pocket, purse, or something else you're wearing. Nothing like a mobile hiding spot to throw kids off your track and shake things up a bit.


Among The Mess

If you have a spot, indoors or out, that is a bit on the cluttered side, take advantage of that. It can also serve as a cute lesson to your kids to keep their space a little more organized. Stash an egg in a cluttered garage, messy bedroom, or pile of outside toys.