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10 Valentine's Day Dog Names For Your Furry Bundle Of Love

Let's face it, the Valentine's Day gift everyone really wants is — *drumroll please* — a puppy. Young or old, big or small, they're all puppies to me and how can you even resist? If you're planning on adding a new addition to the family this V-Day, there are Valentine's Day dog names perfect for your new furry family member.

Seriously, this Valentine's Day, let's skip over the flowers and the chocolates and the cards. (Honestly, no one really wants those.) I think it's safe to say that what we all really want for Valentine's Day is an adorable furry companion. If you're expecting to bring home a fluffy new family member for this special holiday that honors love, you're going to have to pick out the perfect name. And to narrow down the naming pool? Find some that reflect Valentine's Day perfectly, because naming your pup is no small thing. Sometimes when you come up with a great name idea, it winds up not fitting once you see your sweet pup in person. These names however, will suit your furry little love if you go the Valentine's Day inspiration route. Some of these names are more obvious than others, but they all represent love just the same.



Obviously a little twist on the name St. Valentine, this name offers some cute nicknames. Hello, Tino, anyone? How cute would that be for a little fluff ball?



Valentina, the feminine version of Valentino and another tribute to good 'ol St. Valentine. This name also offers the cutest little nicknames, like Tina or Teeny.



Another cute homage to the holiday celebrating love. Can you picture putting Cupid on a little dog bowl? 'Cause I can, and it's adorable.



Because all dogs really are earth angels, aren't they?



OK, I got this one clearly because of the classic red flowers given on this holiday, but also because of the greatest love story ever. Do I have to say it? OK, fine — Titanic. You and your furry Rose should definitely snuggle up on V-Day to watch the romantic movie.



Why not honor Venus, the Goddess of love? I mean, all lady dogs are just that, aren't they?



I love this name for bigger pups. There's just something extra sweet about an old boy named Beau, and it's a sweet homage to the nickname for a significant other.



Or how about the most romantic name, literally ever.



They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but they got it wrong — it's a dog named Ruby.



A cute girl's name and tribute to the word adore. How can you resist petting a sweet little Adora? Spoiler — you can't.